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Any abnormality of a joint in which objective findings of heat, redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, loss of motion, or deformity are present. The term is usually qualified by an adjective describing the cause, such as rheumatoid, gouty, infectious, or post-traumic.

Arthritis is a disease affecting the structure in and about the joints the condition usually begins in the small joints of the hands, especially the fingers. Subsequently other joints are involved. With recurrent attacks the joints tend to become swollen and fixed. In comparison with the swelling of the joints there is wasting of the surrounding muscle.

Osteoarthritis is another form of arthritis. It is common disorder of the joints. It is characterized by the gradual destruction of the central part of the cartilage lining the affected joint. There can be changers in bone structure that could include new bone formation, which may occur in the form of spur (an abnormal projection of bone). In advance cases surgery may be employed.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS:It is easy to diagnose this complaint. In all the finger joints there is a swelling at the joint of the hand tapering down to normal size at the fingertips. There is chronic inflammation and the disease is progressive and incapacitating owing to the ankylosis. It attacks the synovial tissue, cartilage and bone. Excess of uric acid in the blood causes inflammation of the smaller joints, especially big toe and thumb.

TREATMENT: Diet is an absolute must in treating a rheumatic complaint. Whatever name we may call it, acid deposits are the secondary results, especially in gout and sciatica. Dieting pulls out all the excess acid from the joints and it is wonderful to see the pain decreasing daily. Exercise, no matter how light, must be done, even in a very serious case. One small crystal pressing on the nerve is all that is needed to give the most excruciating pain. Even in rheumatism that is right through the body, acidity is the problem. Through incorrect diet of mind and body, the body becomes a factory, making excess acids. Because the inner intelligence must do something with it, the joints muscles and surrounding tissues are given the acid so that the body may continue with its work. The result is pain. Dieting pulls out all the excess acid from the joints and it is wonderful to see the pain decreasing daily.

A woman with knee pains came to our clinic. After taking all the symptoms and hearing all her past history, giving her Berberis Vulgaris and then Ruta and Pulsatilla alternatively drained the toxins in her body. After some time, pain was gone.

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