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Our children are the future and when we leave the world behind us, we want to ensure that they too have a bountiful of natural resources for them and their kids to enjoy as we did. As we look round us, we cannot help but feel grim about the fact that natural resources are indeed depleting and replenishing them is not going to be as easy. Conserving them is the key to ensure that we leave behind a world that offers the finest that mother earth gave us to our kids as well.

Water shortage is making people all over the world afraid about what lies ahead, however, not too many people pay heed to the gravity of the situation. It is important that all of us adopt a few habits that help conserve resources for a brighter future. Water conservation is becoming more and more important. Below highlighted are a few tips that you can use to help save water and reduce water wastage.

You Do Not Need to be in the Shower for Hours!
Do not spend hours in the shower just because you feel like it. Every minute you reduce, will help save up to 23 liters of water.

Find and Fix Leaks
Leaks can be extremely annoying, and trying to tighten the faucet is only going to make the leak worse. So, do not wait till it gets to the tipping point and have even the most minor leaks fixed immediately to save over 200 liters of water per month.

Don’t Waste Water
Often when we are in the bathroom and are waiting for the cold water to run hot, we will keep the faucet open and let the water drain out. However, you could just as easily collect the water and use it elsewhere, for instance like to water your plants around the house.

Is Your Tap Open While You Brush Your Teeth?
When you start brushing or shaving, turn off the tap. A running tap can use up, up to 15 liters of water every minute.

Laundry Day
Dedicate a day to laundry. Do not wash your clothes every day. Instead have a day for laundry and wash all your clothes on that day. This will help you save water indeed.

Soak and then Wash
Soak your dishes in cold water before you start washing them under tap water to save water.

Do Not Rinse Under a Running Tap
When it comes to washing vegetables and fruits, do not rinse them under a running tap. Instead use a bowl, fill it with water or fill the sink with water and wash it there. When you rinse under a running tap, you are using up as much as 30 liters of water.

Do away with the Hose
When it is time to give your car a wash, do not get the hose out. Instead, use a sponge and a bucket of water. Even if you refill your bucket up to 6 times, you are saving more that 150 liters.

Use the Broom
To clean driveways and other pathways, do not use your hose, instead get the broom out and wipe the area clean.

Are You Over Watering Your Plants?
Watering your plants less over time will help them stretch out and put up stronger and deeper roots. Instead, water your plants, either in the evening or water them early in the morning.

All you have to do is become conscious about saving water, and you will see that saving water will start coming easy to you. It will become a habit and you will start feeling better about the future.



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