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For bites which cause deep puncture wounds, severe bleeding, or amputation, turn to the relevant entry in this section.

The bites of animals carry two main dangers: Tetanus and Rabies. Rabies, is present in many other countries. Orthodox immunisation against rabies may be advisable if you make frequent trips abroad or your job involves animals. While visiting countries where rabies is endemic, take Hydrophobinum 30c daily for 7 days, followed by Belladonna 6c twice daily for 6 months. Any bite that punctures the skin should be checked by a doctor. Human bites carry even greater danger of infection than animal bites. Tetanus, or lockjaw is a potentially fatal infection which can enter the body through any dirty wound. Orthodox immunisation has to be repeated every 5 years. If you have not received a booster injection in the last 5 years, take Hypericum 6c three times daily for 3 weeks as a preventive.

Especially in hot countries, scorpions and venomous snakes and spiders are common. As a repellent to such animals, apply Pyrethrum solution (10 drops of mother tincture in 0.25 litre (1/2 pt) boiled cooled water) to vulnerable parts of the body. The symptoms of poisoning are blurred vision and nausea, difficult breathing, increased salivation and sweating, and sometimes Shock. Reassure the casualty and keep him or her still. Apply an ice pack to the site of the bite. If the person loses consciousness or stops breathing, place in the recovery position or give artificial respiration or cardiac resuscitation (Unconsciousness and Breathing). Dial 911 or take the person to hospital yourself. Try to describe the animal which bit the person, or if you can, capture it in a safe container and retain to show medical attendant.

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