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You may not be aware of this simple fact, but it is true. Your body has the capacity to heal itself in many ways. So, forget popping pills for every small thing that is bothering you and learn a little about the miracle that is you.

More than 10-50 trillion cells work together in your body to make your heart beat 100,000 times a day, they inflate your lungs over 7.5 million times in a year and help produce more than 40 thoughts in your brain per minute.

The liver
If you are overall healthy, you can live with up to two-thirds of your liver been taken out. Wait, it will grow back within a few months too.

There’s more! If your gall bladder were to be removed, yes, this would stop the production of bile, but the liver would take over this function too within a few months.

Stomach Cells
The stomach is known to contain enough hydrochloric acid to dissolve a razor blade. The cells in the lining of the stomach go through a lot. They exist in a acidic environment, they endure physical abrasion as the stomach churns food and works extremely hard to transport glucose in to the blood stream. This is a lot of work, and the cells tend to get weak. But little do you know, that the entire gastronomical tract is renewed every 4 days.

Selective Starvation
When we don’t eat for large periods of time, the body has its way of extracting glucose and fats that it needs to carry on. It starts feasting on your organs. Well, it choose to do so with the non essential organs first, like the digestive system, you aren’t eating, so you do not need it anyways.

Do you think you can survive with half a brain? Yes.

Have you ever head of Neuroplasticity? It suggests that the brain can reorganize itself and form new neural connections.

The science is just emerging and can help a lot of people with nervous system issues feel better.

Sperm And Egg
The reproductive systems of men and women are very different, so is the method of renewal of egg and sperm. The female is born with a finite number of eggs – up to 2 million. No more eggs can be produced, and an egg is lost every menstrual cycle. The number may seem like a lot, but radiation, toxins and degeneration can easily damage these eggs. This is exactly why women are encouraged to have babies early to avoid any birth defects.

Men on the other hand can make up to 1500 sperm per second. Having just one testicle does not affect the rate of production too.

Use your body wisely, know what it can do for you. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can avoid medication and stay health by going natural and trusting your body and do right by it.

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