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Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. However, today, due to timely medical attention and advancements in medical science, people are able to come out of these dire situations. Though, only lifestyle changes and appropriate medicines can make these problems go away.

It is absolutely important that you pay attention to your lifestyle and understand what is bringing stress on to your heart. Just a few changes to your lifestyle, could help you tremendously in the long run.

High levels of stress could lead to causing coronary heart disease and therefore, it is important that you know how to identify the signs and symptoms of stress and start seeking methods by which we can reduce this.

When we are stressed, we tend to pile up habits that lead to ill heart health. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may need to lower your levels of stress:

1. You get teary eyed soon
2. You constantly feel on edge and anxious
3. You find it difficult to cope with simple things of daily life
4. You are indecisive
5.  Your appetite is reduced
6. You face difficulty concentrating
7. You have difficulty sleeping

Relax – Here’s How!
This simple exercise can indeed help alleviate bundles of stress. You should start with lying flat, with your stomach facing up, let your arms stay relaxed beside you. Start taking a few slow deep breaths, then start tensing your toes, count to three and then relax. This helps you work up the body, first tensing and then relaxing all muscle groups. Be sure to keep breathing slowly and when you reach the end of the exercise, keep lying down, close your eyes, breath slowly and bring yourself to a sitting position.

Avoid Simple Carbs
You can find carbohydrates in fruits, grain based foods and vegetables and all of these will contribute towards a healthy life. All foods that are grain based are of two types, while some are made using simple carbs, others are made using complex carbs.

Complex carbohydrates are very rich in fiber and starch. They are responsible for slow release of energy, so that you keep going. The sources of complex carbohydrates include wholewheat pasta, cereals, oatmeal, potatoes, brown rice, wholemeal bread and buckwheat noodles.

Simple carbohydrates come in bread, rice, biscuits, cakes and white pasta.

Do You Suffer From Tummy Pains?
Heart failure occurs, when not enough blood flows to the body or when the heart muscles are damaged or weak or may be abnormally thick and therefore are unable to pump the right amount of blood to the muscles and organs of the body.

Heart failure symptoms could surface in the form of indigestion, bloating and stomach pains. These symptoms are more apparent as the condition progresses, but they could come first in children and young adults.

Depression and how to deal with it
You could suffer from depression for no apparent reason, or you may have suffered a life-altering situation that could lead to depression as well.

Depression could worsen your situation if you have a heart condition and therefore, it is necessary that you treat the problem of depression at its route to feel better.

Stay Fit!
People who exercise regularly are less prone to suffering from heart disease.

If you have been diagnosed with a heart condition, does not mean that you should stop exercising. Yes, strenuous exercises should be avoided, but you must indulge in some light exercise from time to time. It is important that you speak with your doctor to learn how much exercise you need.

Drink in Moderation
Learn where to draw the line when it comes to consumption of alcohol. In fact, it is known that drinking alcohol in moderation can protect you from heart disease.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause hypertension and this could lead to the heart performing inefficiently. Alcohol is known to damage heart muscles and it can also lead to weakening and enlarging one’s heart muscles. Heart rhythm can be disrupted and arterial fibrillation can be caused.

Get Yourself Tested?
It is important that you get yourself tested from time to time to learn what your cholesterol levels look like. High cholesterol levels are an indication that you may experience a heart attack sooner than you imagine. So, be careful, stay informed and follow habits that help you keep your heart healthy.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about foods that can keep your heart strong. In fact, you should also consult with a homeopath to know, which natural solutions can effectively provide you with good heart health.




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