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Today this illness is rife and there is no set of rules one can lay down in order to cure it or hold it in remission, because every body has his own aggravation. Homeopath practitioner has two avenues to follow – one is the mind and the other is the diet.

Cancer is actually a negative vibration of the mind. Eventually it bursts forth as if the body can no longer bear the strain of the suppressed feeling within and it endeavouring to run away from the inner trauma. There is no one with cancer who is not harbouring some deep-seated hurt, which has turned into a hidden resentment or hatred, and therefore ever cancer patient has to be counselled. The cause must be found and dealt with, otherwise the cancer will continue on its way. Today many people have mental suppressions hidden within them. People wear many masks so that they can fit into and cope with different situations. Because of this, physical symptoms occur which may be due to grief, worry, shock, frustration or anger – these mental feelings can cause so many diseases.

There was an outstanding case of a mental suppression in a man who began taking fits twelve years after the Second World War. Eventually, the story came out that for years he could not forget and order he issued as commander whereby bodies had to be bulldozed into a common grave. He thought he had forgotten the incident but his symptom before each fit was, “the smell of decomposing bodies”. Homeopathy medicine Ignatia for grief was given and he was cured.

Energy has to be preserved and the more one eats, the more energy is needed for digestion. Therefore, there has to be a drastic change in diet. The mono diet for cancer is excellent. For instance, eat oats for each meal, rice (unpolished) or only fruit. Initially, it is good to begin by changing the diet slowly. Remove all fats, milk and dairy products, sweets, chocolates, sugar – and most important of all, all flesh – the cancer patient must become a strict vegetarian. The diet must be reduced to two slices of toast or Weetabix twice a day with fruit –morning and evening – and one meal at midday of vegetables and brown rice (unpolished) with a little gravy for taste, to be chewed extremely well. A small amount of butter is acceptable. In most of the cases, the body which is low in potassium, results in cancer. Tension uses up the potassium in the brain. Because the body has to keep feeding the brain, it therefore deprives itself of these vital minerals. Potassium forms seventy percent of the mineral ash in the red corpuscles in the blood. Homeopath medicine i.e. Kali Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph with Ferrum Phos is given daily to keep up the potassium balance, as well as salads, fruits, honey and all green leaf vegetables and soups.

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