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As an athlete your muscles need energy to perform, and the best way to get this is through carbohydrates. It’s no trick, it’s no supplement, in its simplest form, carbohydrates are a must for all athletes who need to fuel up, maintain and keep their energy levels going during physical training.

There is a misconception about carbohydrates and weight gain. Most people are of the opinion that carbs make your fat, however, this is not true, overall calories lead to weight gain and not just consumption of carbs. The reason why people think that carbs are fattening is because most foods that are rich sources of carbs when over indulge in do lead to weight gain, such as bread, sweets, doughnuts, pasta etc. However, only a carbohydrate rich diet is not going to do, and athletes have to maintain a balanced diet if they want to keep their energy levels up and keep running.

Learning more about carbohydrates and what your diet should consist off to keep your energy levels high is important. There are two main kinds of carbohydrates: simple and complex. These are representative of the sugar type that is present in carbohydrate molecules. Simple carbohydrates have either one or two kinds of sugars present. Complex carbohydrates are formed when many sugars link together. Different foods contain different kinds of sugar, however, you need carbohydrates, because these are stored in your body to produce energy.

Carbohydrate is stored in the liver and the muscles in the form of glycogen. If you want to perform well, you should ensure that at least 50% of the calories you consume should be carbs.

Before you start building a diet that is rich in carbs, be sure to consult a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who will help you build a diet that is rich in carbs but is also balanced. Proteins are equally important for athletes and therefore do not design your own diet, but consult an expert to get the right amount of food through the right sources into your body.

Natural supplements from homeopathy too can help you build muscle strength and help you power endurance, so get in touch with a Homeopathic center to learn how homeopathy can help you find success in sports.



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