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Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a condition that happens when the muscles of the heart become too thick, this leads to the heart becoming bigger and the chambers becoming smaller.

This condition, however, could lead to a few or no symptoms. Some people who have this condition can go on to lead a normal life, with a few problems. Since the heart does not get enough blood and oxygen, it could lead to chest pain. Irregular heart beat or arrhythmia could be a result of this condition, this could also lead to sudden death in some cases. The heart may not pump blood properly, or may not relax in between beats like it usually does, and this could in turn lead to heart failure as well.

This condition is one of the most common genetic heart diseases. It runs in families and 1 in out of 500 adults could have this condition. Cardiomyopathy could start very early in life, and last through one’s teens all through the mid 30’s.

Cardiomyopathy cannot be cured, however, the symptoms can be treated to lead a better life.

The condition is genetic, and certain genes may be responsible for making your heart grow more than it ideally should. If you do have family members that suffer from Cardiomyopathy, there is a chance that you could experience the same.

The symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are as follows:

1)    No symptoms

2)    One may feel tired and may experience shortness of breath when active

3)    One may also feel dizzy and faint often

4)    One may experience a racing or pounding heartbeat, uneven beating, also known as palpitations

5)    Chest pain, a heavy tight feeling in the heart. This could be brought on by exercise, when your heart is made to work very hard.

The diet of a diabetic person is a healthy diet, one that works towards obtaining energy from the digestion of foods that are rich in polysaccharides, which are bread, beans and potatoes, this is to be combined with a coronary diet. A coronary diet is typically one that avoids foods that work towards increasing one’s LDL or bad cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, like those found in animal fats, instead foods that help increase good cholesterol and unsaturated fatty acids should be made part of the diet, foods like fatty fish and vegetable oils will do the trick.

People who are overweight should consider losing weight. Use of artificial sweeteners and sugar should be avoided. Fat in meals should be avoided. Heavy meals should not be consumed before going to sleep. Unsaturated fats should be made part of one’s diet, for example, diet margarine, vegetable oils for frying, a small amount of fatty fish like smoked mackerel eaten in between meals is a good idea. Avoid eel and shrimp.

Ensure that you have a diet that is fibrous. Design a diet that is rich in fibrous food such as barn of wheat, this is ideal for absorption of salt and water, and helps improve water / salt balance as well. To take care of your self during this condition, one spoon of bran of wheat, uncooked vegetables, fresh fruits and juices with no added sugar with every meal would really help.

Try and include some supplements in your meals, those that help provide your body with multivitamins and trace elements, you can take these with dinner, do not forget to take some Vitamin B Complex as well. Drink ample amount of water, unless you are advised against doing so. Try and avoid alcohol and smoking.

It is essential that you speak with your health care practitioner before following these tips. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist will be able to provide you with advice on foods that you can and should make part of your diet to treat symptoms of this condition. Homeopathy too, has a host of great solutions that can help take care of your heart, so visit your nearest homeopathic Centre to know more.


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