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They say, a dog is a man’s best friend. This old adage, is nothing but true. When you bring home a puppy home for the first time, you are simply smitten by how adorable it is, little do you know that this little bundle of joy is going to play a major role in changing your life altogether. You will not only start being happier, you will not only become healthier, but you will note that you will have a spring in your step, one that is given to you because of the beautiful happiness that the puppy has brought into your life.

Move More
It is known that people who have dogs are more likely to be fit, as compared to those who do not have dogs. You are more likely to achieve your fitness objectives when you have a puppy or a dog to pull you along when you are on that walk or that morning run.

And Simply Keep Going
There is indeed never a moment of calm when you have a little puppy around the house. Puppies are full of energy and they will indeed go crazy with the activity around the house and when you take them down for a stroll around the park. Be prepared to let go of the leash and then run behind the mutt, as their curious minds are going to take them everywhere.

It is known that when you walk with a puppy your speed could increase by more than 28%.

Forget about excuses
When you are planning to turn a new fitness leaf, you will note, that you simply have one excuse after another to procrastinate that early morning walk or that visit to the gym. But, with a puppy you simply cannot say no, you have to take it out for a stroll if you want to avoid that a house that is messy and stinky. And growing puppies need high levels of activity, so you have to face the music. 

Recover Quickly
Come hail or storm, a puppy will always be by your side no matter how you are feeling, and it is known that when you have this little companion, you will also recover a lot faster when you are feeling unwell.

Risk Of Diabetes
Dog owners who regularly indulge in walking their dogs are at a lower risk of suffering from diabetes.

The whole family will fall in love
a beautiful puppy in the house will have a positive effect on every one involved. In fact, when the family takes turns to walk the dogs, a level of fitness can be maintained in the entire household.

Keep the doctor away
A dog makes you happy, and less stressed, and therefore, you are less likely to fall sick and take an appointment with the doctor.

Preventative Healthcare
It is known that kids who are used to having dogs around from the time of birth are less likely to develop eczema even if they have a history of allergies in the family.

Replace Pain Medication
Patients who undergo joint therapy and are undergoing therapy with the assistance of animals will need only 50% of pain medication.

They Are Good For Your Heart!
It is known that even simply petting your puppy can help release stress and decrease your blood pressure to a great extent.

The love and loyalty that will be showered upon you when you bring home the cutest looking pooch will make you feel alive every day. You should also meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can adopt a healthy diet to live better. Homeopathy too has a host of great natural remedies that can help you stay healthy.

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