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God works in mysterious ways. An old customer of mine named Dr. Hermeet Suri has been buying audio and video products from me for many years and I never once asked him for help with my chronic constipation as I did not believe there was any help. Since the past 20 years no regular medicine could cure me. One day I heard him speaking to a patient, who had a similar problem, at my store and the patient was thanking him on for his help. I then got the motivation to ask him for help after we were alone.

Dr Suri took my full consultation at my store as he knew I would not take the time out to come to him as I had been dealing with it for so long and had no hope for cure. When he would visit me for his movies, I would do my follow-ups then, as I was too busy to go to him. He was a very understanding person. He took his time to explain me what I will expect and that I should not worry.

I can say that after my cure I feel I have more energy, my skin glows more and I am better able to deal with my stress. Also Dr. Suri helped me realize that my physical constipation was linked to the way I had been dealing with the stresses and challenges of life. I was holding a lot of stress and anxiety inside – a sort of emotional constipation. Following treatment and counseling from Dr. Suri I started to deal with my issues rather then hold them in as in the past. This has helped me in all part of my life with friends and family. They all have pointed out my change in nature and said that I am more approachable. I thank Dr. Suri and hope him success.


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