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Helps your body absorb and use iron to synthesize haemoglobin. It plays a role in maintaining the integrity of the myelin, the fatty substance that is a constituent of the covering of some nerves. Its needed for taste sensitivity; maturation of collagen, a component of the connective tissue, bone and cartilage; and skin; the formation of elastin, a protein that forms certain tissues. It is

important the oxidation of fatty acids; and the formation of melanin. It is involved with the metabolism of ascorbic acid and is an essential component of superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant made by the body to combat free radicals.
Blood copper level is measured by measuring the component called ceruloplasmin.

Food source
Liver, shellfish, meats, nuts, legumes, whole grain cereal, and raisins being the richest source.

Supplement form: Copper Gluconate
Your zinc to copper ratio should be 15:1.

Copper toxicity does exist. Copper deficiency is rare.

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