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These are fast-setting, ‘superglue’ adhesives that bond anything, including human skin, in seconds. In rare cases a large drop will cause a burn (see Burns and scalds), since cyanocrylates heat up as they set.

Immerse the bonded sections of skin in warm soapy water. Peel or roll the surfaces apart with the aid of a teaspoon handle, then remove the glue from the skin with soapy water. Don’t try to pull the surfaces apart.

If an eye or eyelid is involved, wash it thoroughly with warm water and apply a gauze patch. The eye will open, without further action on your part, in a day or two. Do not try to force the eye open. In doubtful cases, see a doctor as soon as possible.

If the lips are accidentally stuck together, apply lots of water and encourage salivation inside the mouth. Peel or roll the lips apart – do not pull them apart directly.

It is almost impossible to swallow ‘superglue’ but if a drop does enter the mouth, position the casualty so that it does not cause choking when it detaches.

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