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Stressed? Thinking that another day at the office is going to leave you listless and with a lack of zest for life? Well, there are a host of things that you can do to bring back that energy you need in to your daily life, so that you can find a new way of looking at life. If you do wish to distress, here are a few ways in which you can do it, and the best part is, you need to get out of your house, and do it in the outdoors.

In fact, some experts believe, that people who are overly anxious and stressed, could be so because they are suffering from what is known as ‘nature deficit disorder’ and the only way to get out of this slump is to get in the midst of nature, and enjoy it to its fullest!

Below are a few ways in which one can de-stress by making nature their friend.

Take a Walk
When you exercise, it helps release mood-enhancing endorphins. When you pair it with Vitamin D, which is supplied by the sun and with fresh air in your lungs, while you are surrounded by greenery, you can be sure to find a new lease for life, everyday.

Simply sit outside your home, and listen to soothing music!
Studies suggest that music tends to life your spirits, so give in to some melodious tunes from time to time. Get out and put on the radio or plug your ears to your iPod and let the tunes to take you away from those negative thoughts.

Play with your dog, at the park
Take your dog to the park, it will surely enjoy the break and the empty open spaces to run through, and you will too.

Meditate, on the grass!
For a change, meditate in the outdoors, and make sure you are doing in on a grassy green carpet.

Read a book under a tree
Spend some time reading your favourite book under a tree. If you do not like reading, maybe listening to an audio book could bring you peace.

Take your food outside
If you have a lovely garden at home, or even a balcony can do good. Eat breakfast outside while you let nature surround you.

Indulge in some Yoga!
Yoga can indeed help you beat stress, and when you practice some yoga in the green and giving outdoors, you will feel the stress disappear, almost immediately.

Spend some time growing garden, go cycling and just be in the outdoors, it will indeed do great for your mind, body and spirit. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can combine a healthy lifestyle with good food and also speak with a Homeopath to learn how good natural habits can do you good.

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