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Depression is the most unpleasant experience a person can endure. Though it will lead to physical ailment and consequential organic changes in the system, it is difficult to cope with compare to other form of ailments. People who are unable to adapt to the quality and technique for survival are the victims of stress and depression.

Set patterns and repetitive situation brings monotonous conditions and become causes for depression. Irregular and unwholesome dietary methods cause indigestive problems and when associated with depression, the result is devastating. Depressed people cannot enjoy exercise or play which is essential for recreation and mental relaxation. They are always under turmoil. Nothing soothes, nothing satisfies and hopeless pervades. They will have negative thoughts, wrong and self-defeating thoughts. They consider themselves untouchables, incompetent, unworthy of beings. Their behaviour pattern arises from these premises. Grief, weeping, spasms, fainting spells, shouts, screams, unexplainable pains are characteristics fore runners to heart problems. Stop them there.

Treatment Tips of Depression
Make yourself aware of situation in which you are.

  • Try to overcome from the situation in which you are.
  • Accept the realities.
  • Hear your own shouts and shrieks through the recorded tapes.
  • Ask all sorts of questions to your own self.
  • Understand that your behaviour puts extra load on your-own self.
  • Take supplement of anti-oxidants (nutrition) to expel poisons substances created due to emotional upsets.
  • Change your attitude with positive thoughts.
  • Avoid worrying.
  • Do physical work. Play some games.
  • Change your environment from time to time.
  • Iris Ver; Iodine, and other medicine in Homeopath treatment are found useful.

If you need to be treated consult:
Surindar Suri (BA, PGBM, D.I.Hom) and
Hermeet Suri (BSc, D.I.Hom, RHN).


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