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Detoxifying your body from time to time is an absolute must. It is a continual process and does not really have to be an unpleasant experience at all. In fact, instead of taking on the responsibility of detoxifying all of a sudden, you should indulge in it in a gradual manner.

There are two approaches that you could use for detoxification:
1) The Long Term Approach
2) The Short Term Approach

Detoxification – The Long Term Approach
If you wish to receive the best results always, a long-term detoxification process is the one you should make a part of your life.

To start off, you should remember that you must work towards protecting the health of your liver and you can do this by avoiding:
1) Alcohol
2) Refined Sugar
3) Saturated Fats

When you have a diet that is rich in saturated fat, it increases your risk of developing fatty infiltration or/and cholestasis, a condition wherein the flow of bile is blocked from the liver, or is slowed down.

To facilitate bile secretion, you should follow a diet that is rich in water soluble fibers.

Foods that help protect the health of your liver include:
1) Garlic, Onions, Eggs and legumes are high sulfur containing foods
2) Pears, oat bran, legumes and apples bring water soluble fibers to the table
3) Vegetables from the cabbage family like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage
4) Carrots, beets, dandelion and artichokes
5) Herbs and spices such as cinnamon, ginger and turmeric.

You have to learn how to avoid alcohol or at least drink in moderation if you wish to facilitate the process of detoxification.

If you wish to achieve a healthy lifestyle, then detoxification should be a way of life with you. You can speak to a registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you should build your diet and include foods that have been mentioned above so that you can live healthy.

Speaking with a Homeopath too can help you get your hands on some herbal remedies that can offer you good health by helping with detoxification.

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