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The symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADH appear between the ages of 3 and 6. For parents who are worried about their kids experiencing symptoms should seek professional help and also keep an eye out for the symptoms. Parents would typically notice their kids losing interest in activities sooner as compared to other normal children at that particular age and they may seem out of control and may be difficult to manage.

Diagnosing the condition is critical as with early intervention and behavioral therapies, some change in behavior can be observed to help make life easier for both parents and children.

Speak with Teachers
Very often, it will be teachers in school who will be the first to notice a problem in children. The symptoms of ADHD tend to be more apparent in a school setting and therefore teachers will be able to identify them and bring them to your attention as well. Sometimes parents may not be able to make out the symptoms, as it may have been present in the family as well, and their kid’s behavior may not seem abnormal to them. However, many parents do realize that they could have experienced the disorder as well, and not known all along.

Comprehensive Evaluation
In order to diagnose ADHD, your child’s health and behavior needs to be comprehensively evaluated. However, there is no single test to diagnose ADHD. If you think that your child may have an underlying problem, the first step would be to visit your doctor and seek advice. You could also speak with a child psychologist, to learn more about the condition.
A doctor on hearing parent’s concerns would begin a thorough evaluation to understand whether there are other medical problems prevalent as well. His tests would cover hearing problems, vision problems, allergies, thyroid problems, undetected seizures and other health problems that may coincide with symptoms of ADHD.

The history of the condition needs to be studied and people close to your child need to be educated as well, like teachers, grandparents, friends and siblings and the child himself. You doctor will observe your child very closely in number of different setting to understand the frequency and severity of the symptoms. Only once these steps have been completed and the doctor has a full perspective of your child’s behavior and health, will he be able to tell you if your child has ADHD.

Learn how to identify symptoms of ADHD and seek professional help. Speaking to a Registered Holistic nutritionist too could help you learn about what foods can help calm your child’s behavior and how improving the digestive system can eliminate 75% of the issues. Homeopathy too has some natural cures that can work towards calming your child’s mind and re-balancing the energy of the body. The treatment is natural and will have no side effects on them. However, the first step would be to diagnose the condition as being positive.

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