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The secret of being healthy and happy is to be a little hungry all the time. Do not overload the stomach. Overeating is the chief cause of most diseases. The vast majority of people dig their graves with their teeth. No rest is given to the stomach. Though we boast we are civilized yet, when the question of food arises, we may commit many mistakes. Man generally eats twice as much as his system requires. This hinders elimination, assimilation and growth. All organs are overworked and become diseases quickly. One might realize that fluids of the body in the average person are poisoned with the toxic products of fermentation, the result of overeating – they actually create the tempter within their own bodies. The great trouble with mankind is that with the brain cells chemically disorganized and filled with toxic poisons, man is mentally and nervously distraught, and the brain finds itself utterly unable to raise it vibrations. As a result, it deliberately lowers them. Let us improve our brain cells instead of doing that which injures them daily!

Lack of temperance means that the sword of character is not tempered to withstand – there is lack of self-control. Wars and strife, civic and national, cannot disappear until the very cells of the body cease their continual turmoil and warfare, fighting and struggling to get out of an away from the debilitating, disorganizing and devitalizing fluids surrounding them. These are truly the chemical result of man’s ignorance. Liquor and everything that in any way is detriment to the creation of the New Man must slowly but surely be removed.

Acid results from general deficiency in Natrum Phos and from fermentation of foods. Acid causes a terrible gnawing sensation in the stomach. Most people think that this is hunger. Those having acid are almost constantly craving something; hence often rush into a drug store for soda, candy or sandwiches. They are the ones who have the proverbial ‘chip on the shoulder’. The least thing knocks it off. They are quickly upset and easily unbalanced. When acid results from the fermentation of food, secondly causes appear, chief among these being rheumatism. Even the perspiration has a sour odour, and it is highly irritating to the skin (itchy skin). If this continues, the kidney becomes affected and stomach or bladder ulcerates. Vision changes, fluctuates from day to day – cloudy today, clearer tomorrow. There is nothing, which so quickly reacts on the eyes as acid. Hence avoid overeating. Good food is not costly. A well-balanced diet is not costly. Diet is a vital factor in one’s life.

Balance, measure, and patience – these are the eternal conditions of high success.

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