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Most of us want to crave something that indeed makes the world go round. That crazy feeling in one’s tummy where all you can think about glorious sweet food that satiates your sweet tooth, but more often than not you tend to refrain yourself and you start looking for not so indulgent treats to satisfy your cravings.

However, if you simply take some time out from your busy schedules, and look up for some information that allows you to understand the best sweets out there, so that you can take advantage of them without feeling a single pang of guilt.

Here’s what you should do, read the following treats and their ingredients carefully and keep them handy so that you can dive into some delectable fancies without feeling the pinch.

Here is a list of some sweet treats that you should indeed make the most of.

Turtles – Blueberry and Almond
These delicious treat simply melt happiness away in your mouth and are amazing for the tummy. The good news about this hard to resist dessert is that it is easy on the pounds. The treat is simple to make, all you have to do get some bittersweet choco chips and heat them in a microwave till you arrive a beautiful melt, which is about a minute. Simply stir in the dried blueberries that you picked up at the supermarket and stir in some nuts of your liking as well.

Place small blobs onto parchment paper and set them in the refrigerator for some frozen goodness. You get your nutritional fill with the ingredients and you don’t put on weight as well.

Pomegranate Mint Yogurt
If you are a fan of cold flavored yogurt, you are definitely going to enjoy this in mouthfuls. It’s so simple to make and so scrumptious to eat that you are probably going to make it a night time favorite. Simply get your hand on beautiful and rich Greek yogurt, add in some thinly sliced mint leaves gently in a folding action, then lay the yogurt on to the dish and layer up with the pomegranate arils in a nice dish. Serve your self a few helping and enjoy a great movie.


Yum, this hot and cold treat is indeed the best for your body when you are

craving, not so indulgent treats. First get to your liqueur cabinet and get your hands on the best coffee liqueur, next place a Plain Jane frozen Vanilla yogurt on to your dish. Stir in the liqueur well in to the espresso and pour it over the frozen yogurt, just when you are about to serve. It’s absolutely sinful.

Fruit Cups
Of all the fruit cups in the world, the one that is going to tempt your taste buds and even add to your health quotient is the lemon and honey fruit cup. You will need some fresh fruits like kiwi, berries and pineapple and one small lime. Place all your fruit in a small bowl, add in half the zest and the juice of the lime into honey and blend well, simply drizzle over the gracious syrup over the fruits in the bowl and you are ready for a tropical paradise.

There you have it a host of amazing sweets for your sweet tooth and enough to satiate that craving in your belly. Go ahead and speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which foods can be converted into delicious tasty delights. In fact, you should also get in touch with a homeopath to learn what easy and natural remedies will provide you some great weight loss opportunities.


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