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Ever since we started Neesha’s remedies back in February 2011, there has been a noticeable improvement in her overall frame of min. The improvement was so significant that for the first time in 2012, we took her off half the medication since it was not required. Once we started following homeopathic treatment, we noticed that Neesha wasn’t as stubborn, the frequency of her tantrums and the level of her obstinacy was reduced.  Following the treatment, she is now more receptive to direction and things told to her by her caregivers and parents. The other area where her progress has seen improvement is in her interaction with strangers, she is now quite comfortable greeting anyone, which never was the case earlier. Now she doesn’t talk to random people in public but instead pays attention to what she’s doing and where she’s going with us.

But by far we are impressed with her new found independence. Neesha displayed a lot of insecurity, slept with her grandparents due to fear but now she has no problem sleeping in her own room. She has made a major improvement on her technology skills by being able to work with certain programs on the computer and the phone/I-pod such as creating her own Hotmail and Facebook account without notifying family. She usually goes on YouTube to listen to her favorite music or view TV shows and if she is spectacularly bored, she will start taking pictures of herself using web cam just as how normal teenagers would do. In addition, her speech is clearer when reading and she is starting to read the price tags of items when we are out shopping. Neesha is more confident and honest with her answers towards a person’s questions as noticed at home. We were able to tell when she lied because she’d laugh, but now she is more serious and we noticed she’s been telling a truthful answer. There aren’t much changes that takes place in the school environment (that we know of) because she barely receives homework as well as notes from the teacher. Therefore we are unable to tell if she has made improvements at school.

Kalpana (Neesha’s Mom)

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