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Back in January 2012, I was desperate seeking a way to help Vedansh, my son who has Down Syndrome, that’s when I chanced upon Hermeet Suri’s website and read a testimonial about the treatment of a girl with Down Syndrome.

Following a conversation with Hermeet, my wife and I were convinced we would give his method and natural cure a chance treating our son through diet and medicine. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We finally started Vedansh on his remedies in March 2012. He was 27 months old at the time and beginning to crawl. After 6 months of taking the homeopathic remedies we found Vedansh more alert, crawling better and faster, babbling, and started playing more (before he would sit quietly). In September 2012, Hermeet changed his remedies. Since Sept 2012, Vedansh has slowly started repeating words that we teach him, remembering landmarks (when we approach say a store he likes he recognizes the streets that lead up to the store and get excited and tries to tell mom that he wants to go inside). He is now walking albeit slowly. He engages other kids in play where as before he would just watch. He makes most sounds of the alphabet. We are working with his speech therapists to help him shape the sounds into words. In addition, we have decided to change his diet to gluten free (as suggested by Hermeet) so that we can augment the homeopathic medicine and see more improvements.

My wife and I believe that by doing therapies, taking homeopathic medicine and spending time with Vedansh we can greatly improve his outlook in life. What improvements we see in our son is nothing short of a miracle. Hermeet has always been there for us and can count on him.

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