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Eating healthy fruits and vegetables alone will not ensure that you live well. It is important that you understand how to separate clean from unclean food and make the right choices as far as choosing clean food for your body is concerned.

To start with, try and avoid all kinds of processed foods and choose natural options.

When it comes to apples, your first choice should always be eating it in its natural form. The second option should be in the form of apple sauce as the processing is minimum. Apple toaster pastry should be avoided.

Orange is eaten best in its natural form. Your second choice should be orange in the form of orange juice. Orange drinks should definitely be avoided as they are highly processed and will do no good to your health.

If you wish to eat strawberries, then you should choose to strawberries in their natural form. Strawberry preserves come next. Avoid strawberry gelatin dessert to keep those calories and processed ills at bay.

If you wish to eat yogurt then you should ideally pick plain yogurt. Try and avoid flavored yogurt and you must absolutely avoid any flavored yogurt drink too. If you seek flavor, then buy plain yogurt and flavor it with some fruits.

If you wish to eat bread then try and get your hands on whole grain bread, in case you cant find it, only then settle for white bread. Do not choose to have fortified white bread.

Dried Whole Wheat Pasta should be your first choice. Dried White Pasta is what you should aim for next. Try and stay away from instant noodles.

If you have a craving for rice on an ongoing basis, then it makes sense to choose brown rice over white rice.

If you choose to eat nuts, eat them in their raw form. Like in the case of peanuts, choose the natural state first, in case you wish to make it more exciting, natural peanut butter should be your second choice, avoid processed peanut butter for good health.

When you start paying attention to the food you eat and ensure that you eat them mostly in their natural state, then you can look forward to eating healthy. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and they will help you understand foods that you should eat to life good. You should also get in touch with a Homeopath and look forward to some natural remedies for good health.





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