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You may have been taught in school, or your parents may have tried to tell you that there is a specific number of times that you have to chew the food that you put in to your mouth. You may have ignored all the advice, because you were in a hurry to watch that show on television or get back to your video game. They may have also told you that chewing your food correctly helps in the digestion process, but you did not pay too much attention, as the logic did not appeal to you then. How about now? What if we tell you that fast eaters get fat?

It is indeed extremely important to chew one’s food and eat slowly, it helps with digestion and also helps you keep weight off. If you cannot slow yourself down and learn to enjoy your meal, below are some points that may help you.

Learn how to listen to your body, listen for signs of fullness and do not keep eating until your body cannot take it any more. So, get set to slow down.

1) Do not talk while you are eating or chewing. Take a break. Put your fork down, finish what is in your mouth and only then get back in to the conversation. Taking small breaks while you are eating helps you to eat slowly and also feel full faster.

2) Stick to your meal times. When your body has a pattern of eating, it will automatically help you slow down your eating speed.

3) When you first experience the signs that you may be full, call it a day. Place your napkin over your plate and this will help your brain know that your meal is done.

4) When you cook your own meals, you will also want to enjoy the food that you have cooked with your own hands and therefore will eat it more slowly.

Eating slowly and relishing your food indeed has a number of advantages. People who eat fast, tend to put on weight faster, so slow down. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about great recipes and ingredients that you can use to enjoy the food that you will cook. You could also choose to get in touch with a Homeopath to learn about natural and alternative healthy supplements that will help you keep your weight in check.

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