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Rishis-Sages have taught us that the body consists of five elements namely, Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Space (Akash) and all these are governed by Bio-Electricity or Life Battery. In order to maintain proper balance of these in the body, we should take food and drink according to the season, e.g. Buttermilk and curd useful in summer is not advisable in monsoon or fresh vegetables useful in summer and winter can be a cause of disease in the monsoon, because of excess of water substance and the possibility of the water being polluted in the monsoon. Similarly, the excess of any one of these substances leads to a national health problem e.g. in Japan, cold is very common. It is due to (i) dampness of air (ii) and more water substance contain in their staple food of rice and fish. Incidence of cold means Nature wants to throw out excess of water from the body and any retention of it would lead to more diseases. The best cure for the people of Japan is to take more food like wheat, have sunbath, drink boiled and lukewarm water, practice more Sun Pranayama and avail themselves of this science.

In Afghanistan, there is a fire element in the human body. Dry air, staple food, dry fruits and blazing sun lead to the excess of heat which causes bleeding through the nose. This can be treated by taking more green watery fruits like watermelon, honeydew, etc. avoiding the use of dry fruits in summer and using buttermilk and curd and practicing Moon Pranayam. In the same way, people of different countries may have excess of different elements- Earth, Water and Fire -0 in different ways. They should, therefore take food which will not aggravate these excess in their body. Ayurved, known as Science of Life, has done great research on the effects of different types of food, vegetables, medicine, etc. on human body and mind. It is most essential for the modern world to learn about it.

Of course, the Life Battery is capable of controlling these elements but when it has to overwork, it gets weak and the body becomes prone to disease. At least during illness, one should not drink cold water or buttermilk or take curds or sour things like lemon juice etc.

Avoid eating Garlic, Onion, Fish, Antibiotics, Citrus fruits, with milk (unwarmed up), Buttermilk/Curd or Milk-curd preparations.

I may add here that indiscreet eating and living – mentally or physically – can bring any one of miasm to the surface at any time. Health is food eaten with love and premeditation to achieve harmony of thought. Disease is food eaten in state of bitterness, enmity and ungratefulness with a disinterest as to whether it is a product of peace, sun-kissed and pure, or food produced by violence, fright and fear.

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