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It was the ancient Greeks that introduced the human race to ‘energy’ and the effect that it can have on plants, animals, humans and overall health. All of us on this planet are connected to each other spiritually by energy.

According to the Greeks, if food they were cooking and eating had good energy, it would bring unconditional love in to their lives and it would taste great too. Human beings are made up of energy and therefore we need to consume energy in the form of water, air, food for good health.

Below mentioned are foods that are high and low on energy and you can use them in your diet accordingly and even avoid the ones that negatively affect your energy resources.


High Vibrational Foods

1) Fresh and Certified Organic Fruits
2) Natural supplements like those suprilina
3) Herbal Teas
4) Spice and herbs
5) Filtered or pure water
6) Olive oil and coconut oil
7) Seeds and Nuts
8) Foods that are fermented
9) Raw chocolate
10) Maple syrup and raw honey
11) Legumes
12) Grains of many variety, like brown rice, amaranth, spelt and brown rice

Low Vibrational Foods

1) Flours and White rice
2) Food that has been Genetically modified or food that is treated with chemicals and pesticides.
3) Coffee
4) Alcohol
5) Sodas
6) Artificial Sweeteners and sugars
7) Poultry, meat and fish
8) Food that is processed, canned and packaged
9) Oils like cottonseed, canola, margarine and other vegetable oils
10) Frozen foods
11) Cows milk that is pasteurized, yogurt and cheese
12) Foods that are cooked, microwaved and deep fried

Get in touch with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can include high vibrational foods in your diet and reduce your dependence on low vibrational foods. Speak with a Homeopath too, if you wish to learn how you can include these foods in your diet as well for the best natural health treatments.


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