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Food allergies in children can indeed make life tough for you. The reason being, that you have to be even more careful now about the meals you prepare, at all time ensuring that the vitamins and minerals that foods that your child is allergic to provide, have to be substituted. 

So, what is a food allergy and how do you go about detecting it? Well, a food allergy basically takes place when the body starts reacting against the proteins that are found in certain foods. The allergy usually takes place just after the particular food has been consumed and the symptoms of the same could be severe and mild too.

It is extremely important that parents are well aware of the symptoms, as sometimes symptoms for other illnesses may be blamed on these allergies.

Food Allergy – Symptoms
The following symptoms may occur when one’s body overreacts to what has been consumed:

Red spots that often look like mosquito bites also known as hives
Atopic dermatitis – itchy skin and rashes

Tightness in the throat


Loss of Conciseness
Pale skin

If areas of the body are strongly affected due to an allergy, the condition would require immediate medical attention as it could be a condition that is known as anaphylaxis.

Not a food allergy
Food can often cause a number of disorders and not all of them should be confused with allergies. The disorders mentioned below are not to be confused with allergies:

Drug Effects: Your kids can experience a surge of energy, become restless and shaky due to some ingredients found in certain foods because of the caffeine that is found in candy or soda.

Food Poisoning:
Vomiting and Diarrhea can be caused due to food poisoning and is often caused by bacteria that are contained in food that is undercooked or is stale.

Diarrhea: Consuming too much sugar in the form of fruit juices could lead to diarrhea.

Skin Irritation: This can be caused due to the acids that are found in orange juice or tomato products.

In some cases an illness that is food related could either be called a sensitivity or an intolerance, because in this case the problem is not caused by the immune system. Lactose intolerance is often confused with it being an allergy. Lactose intolerance is actually a problem that children have, when their digestive system is unable to break down milk sugars known as lactose. This leads to having stomach aches, loose stools and bloating. Often it could also be that certain chemicals in foods are causing problems, these are not to be confused as allergies as well. They could be certain chemicals of preservatives. Kids may be sensitive to these additives, but being allergic to them is not so common.

Main causes of food allergies are listed below:
Cow Milk
Shellfish (lobster or shrimp)
Fish (Cod, tuna or salmon)
Nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts or pistachios)

Nuts, seafood and peanuts are most common foods that cause allergies that have sever reactions. The good news however is that most food allergies are outgrown as one grows older. It is important that parents get in touch with their health practitioner to be aware of foods that can cause allergies and look out for symptoms. Speaking a Registered Holistic Nutritionist too can help to learn about foods that work towards great health for your child. A homeopath too can help you deal with food allergies that your child may have through natural solutions that have no side effects.

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