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Life can indeed throw a number of challenges at you and at times like this you need a helping hand, a shoulder that you can cry on and someone you can count for support, no matter how difficult things get.

There are eight distinct friends that every woman needs. The bonds we form with different people we come across in life can be binding and can last us a lifetime. Beautiful friendships not only make life great, but they also help in combatting a host of illnesses.

Childhood Friend
Friends that have lasted through school, college, your marriage, your children, your children’s children, will still remember things that you forget. They will remember the person you were, the person you left behind and often when you are getting off track, and doing something that is off character, they will pull you back on track.

Make it a point to speak with your childhood friend at least once every two weeks to stay close over a lifetime.

New Friend
New friends, do not know where you come from, they have no pre-conceived notions about you and therefore will not judge you. Forming new friendships is very important. Look for people who share and nurture these relationships, as it will help you grow as an individual as well.

Your children’s freind’s parents, a friend at the gym or someone at the pottery class can make for a great friend.

Gym Friend
If your partner cannot convince you to get to the gym, making a gym friend is a great idea. It is the ideal motivation that will drive you to the gym every morning and in fact, there is a high chance, that you will meet your fitness objectives, when you have someone pushing you at every step.

Spiritual Friend
You may not be an extremely spiritual person, but you may have a certain inkling towards that nature. Having a friend who is more spiritually inclined can help you keep your moral compass pointing north. In fact, you could learn a lot too every day and take on a new way of life that provides you with peace and sanity in a chaotic world.

Young Friend
It is known that as women age, they want to share their experiences with others. When you have already been through marriage, child-birth and parenting, you want to dispense the advice that you have gathered over the years. Having a younger friend who you could share this information with, will indeed make you fee great.

Partner’s Friends
Becoming friends with your partner’s close friends will indeed help you get closer as a couple. Work towards nurturing and building relationships wit each others close friends, to extend your family.

Your mom was your first friend and is probably the only one who will love you unconditionally, even when the whole world is coming crashing down. The relationship you share with your mum, should be one that is built on the principles of friendship.

Last but not the least, remember that the most important friend you need to have is yourself. Spend time with yourself, learn about things you like to do and never let go of those, as you indeed want to live a great life.

Take care of your diet, be a friend to your body and stay healthy. Meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about the ideal diet and also get in touch with a homeopath, so that you can learn about some natural remedies that can create wonders for you.

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