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Happiness indeed does lie in the small things. You may crave for a car, and when you finally get it, you will realize that the happiness you thought it would bring does not really match up. In fact, you will note that you feel happier when you see a beautiful flower blossom in your back yard, the one you have planted yourself, you find happiness when you get your paycheck, when you find an anti aging cream that fills you with hope.

Next time you feel sad, are having an awful day at work or simply cannot come to peace with something that is driving your mind nuts, try these simple tricks and see how you can go from sad to happy in a few quick minutes.

Old Photos
It’s magical what memories can do, they can indeed turn your mind around. In today’s digital age, if you do not have old photos printed or in an album, simply log on to your computer and go through pictures of your vacations, open up happy pictures of your parents, look at pictures of your little one’s and you will see that your frown will turn in to a smile in no time.

Walnuts are a great mood-lifting snack. Just keep some stashed away in your drawer next to your bed or some in your drawer at the office. Have some salmon for lunch. Both of them are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help people stay away from feeling depressed, and make people more personable.

Calming Scent
If you are having a crazy day at the office, and simply cannot get used to it. Light up a fragrant diffuser. Orange and lavender are two great options. You will tend to feel more calm, less anxious and feel more positive.

Get Some Sunshine
Let the sunlight seep in through your windows when you first wake up. This will help you feel bright and shiny all through the day.It is known that people who get a lot of light early in the morning are prone to feeling better and sleep well as well. Try and spend as much time in the sun as you can in the morning. Have your cup of joe or your breakfast near the window and soak in some sun to feel happy.

If you are working in a windowless environment, you have to step out for some sun. People who get more light exposure are prone to having lesser depression and it also helps you keep productive and alert. Walk around the block for a few minutes when you have the time to feel better. It is known that engaging in some mindless activity will help you divert your mind, go cycling, play racket ball, engage in some gardening to send those blues away.

Clutter Free
A disorganized environment can make you extremely anxious and restless. One way to feel better is to start organizing your life. Start with your cubicle, throw away anything you do not need. Move in to your bedroom and start taking out items you haven’t used in six months, it means that you are never going to use it again. The illusion or order around you can help you feel calm.

Log on to YouTube and watch some funny videos, it will indeed change your mood and you will start feeling more relaxed. Laugh out loud and you will feel the sorrow disappear.

It’s all in the mind and remember you don’t have to always eat your blues away. Staying organized and thinking happy thoughts can indeed help you feel amazing. Meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist when you can to understand what foods will suit you to keep your mind and body relaxed and calm. Homeopathy too has some great options available for bringing a sense of peace in to your life.

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