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If you are an athlete who is particularly careful about what they eat, then you should know that eating in season fruits and vegetables can indeed to a lot of good for your system. They not only provide a number of health benefits, but can help you enhance athletic performance as well. The best part however is that they taste amazing and add a great change in flavors to your diet as well.

Spring indeed brings with it the best fruits of the year, below are mentioned some fruits and vegetables that you must take advantage of.

Asparagus is a powerhouse for folate and Vitamins A and C. These are also naturally low on the sodium, fat and calories front. The flavor and texture both work towards making it an extremely interesting side dish. You can easily roast it in the oven and have it with a drizzle of olive oil and some garlic. You could steam it and add it to pastas and eat it served with some feta and olives and you could alternatively grill it and sprinkle it with lime for an outdoor barbecue.

Butter Lettuce
Butter lettuce is a great source for Vitamin K. It also contains calcium and Vitamin A as well. In fact, it works well in both cup form or as a wrap as well. You can prepare it by filling it with ground turkey and a special homemade sauce or you could simply shred it, add some parmesan and eat it on the go.

Watercress is a great source of Vitamins A, B6, B1, C, E and K. It also provides beta-carotene and is also a rich source of iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and zinc. It aids in muscle recovery and has a great taste as well. Make some awesome wraps and fill them with grilled chicken, some yummy sauce and loads of watercress or make a puree with some potatoes and onions for the perfect watercress soup.

Apricots and green peas too are some great spring treats as well. So make your way to the supermarket and get your hands on the season’s most delightful fruits and veggies for a healthy season. You could choose to speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about some recipes and performance enhancing diets as well. Try and get in touch with a homeopath too if you wish to learn about some natural remedies for perfect health and superior performance.



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