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After a while, even botox cant work its magic to keep you looking young as ever. We are not bestowed with the fountain of youth, we have to take efforts to maintain a beautiful, young and glowing skin by eating healthy, if we wish to continue aging with beautiful grace.

A great way to slow down that clock is to eat healthy fruits. It is the anti-oxidant property in some fruits that can really do wonders for a wrinkle free and youthful skin.

A few fruits that you should start including in your daily diet are as follows:

This little green fruit has a high antioxidant limit. It helps in making the skin firm and it also helps in delaying lines and wrinkles. It has a high Vitamin C & E content, which reduces the skin damage that are done by free radicals.

One of the best sources of phosphorous, riboflavin and many other vitamins, it helps improve skin, by simply increasing the collagen. Collagen is what gives ones skin, its elasticity and firmness.

Watermelon has very high content of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and it is also one of the best ways to keep your skin nourished and also prevent wrinkled skin and discoloration that happens as ones skin starts aging.

Avocado is known to be rich in a Vitamin E as well as in B-Complex Vitamins. These nourish your skin and the potassium content keep it moisturized as well as hydrated. A compound called glutathione helps in keeping your skin youthful.

Eat it, or use it on your face, it indeed does wonders. It fights the formation of wrinkles and works as a complexion toner. Vitamins such as A, C and E, offer nourishment.

Are these fruits a part of your diet already, if not, you should definitely include them as part of your diet. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or a Homeopath, and they will help you learn how you can include these in your diet along with various other health tips, so that you truly defy the aging process by maintaining beautiful glowing skin.




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