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Yes, most parents look forward to that Sunday afternoon, as it is time that is spent with the family. It could be a day just idling at home and watching some movies, cooking up some tasty treats or even going to the mall. However, this time could be used to get your kids more active, that is of course, they do not get enough exercise already.

The problem of obesity is becoming more and more common, and most overweight kids are averse to even the idea of exercise, a good way of getting them used to and enthused about physical activity is by indulging in some activities that involve physical movement together.

Children are more comfortable around their parents, and as a loving parent it is your responsibility to ease them into enjoying these activities. So, instead of spending a boring day at the mall or at the movies, get out those sports shoes, that tennis racket, that cycle or pick another activity that all of you might enjoy doing together.

You do not have to pick a game that involves too much attention as well, simply picking an exercise that encourages some amount of movement is good. A few ideas are mentioned below. Make sure that they are fun, and you can be sure that they will indeed leave a lasting impression on your child and benefit their lifestyle as well.

– Walk to the park and throw around a football, just keep moving

– If you have a nice front yard, you can even run around there and play a simple game

– Get the family together and use the community pool for a weekly swim

–  A bike ride sounds like fun. Get all the bikes out and ride in to the sunset on a day, the traffic is not crazy

– Getting your kids to do some chores and even helping you with some gardening or woodwork can be a good idea. Be careful that they are armed for safety though.

This advice does not stand true only for parents who have children who are overweight. Indulging in activities together as a family can indeed help the family become closer.

It is also important that you pay attention to your child’s diet to ensure that they have the energy to stay active. You can speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how the right diet can indeed make a world of a difference. Also, homeopathy has great solutions that are natural and have no side effects to keep your child feeling agile and energetic to lead a playful life.


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