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Everyone who has kids will complain about the same things. A few weeks after school starts, children come back home with a host of complains that are affecting their health and they are usually head lice, ear aches, sinus infections, colds, influenza, strep throat and many other things.

The sad part is that kids have to go to school and some how or the other they will catch an infection or two in most cases from their schoolmates. Well there are a few things that you can to do give your child the best care that they need at this time.

Head Lice
Head Lice is a very common and most children have these pesky little pests running around in their hair. There are a few natural and non-toxic remedies that one can try to eradicate head lice and they are as follows.

1) When you know for a fact that your child’s head is infested with lice, oil your child’s hair and take a specially designed lice comb to remove the lice from the hair.

2) Head lice are probably the most contagious infestations around school. They travel very quickly and can spread like wild fire from one child to another and in fact if not treated immediately, it could spread to people around the home as well. It is important that one keeps their bed sheets; pillow covers and washcloths clean after use and you could also use white distilled vinegar for a final rinse.

3) Bring together a concoction of white distilled vinegar and mineral oil and apply it one your child’s scalp and hair. Cover it with the help of a shower cap for about an hour and then use a lice comb to remove all the lice from the hair and scalp. Wash hair with organic shampoo and follow the same process at least twice or thrice a week till all the lice are removed.

4) Another alternative that might sound odd but has been effective in many cases is a mixture of melted butter and lemon juice or some mayonnaise. The mixture should be applied on one’s head and left for about 15 minutes. A lice comb should then be used to remove lice from hair and scalp.

5) Add about 15 – 20 drops of tea tree oil into a bottle of a good organic shampoo. Use pure lemon juice and water to rinse your hair.

These treatments will have to be continued for a period of up to two to three weeks if one wants to avoid infestation. All the nits from the hair should be removed so that they do not hatch into lies. Parents must take special care and inspect the hair, the roots especially to avoid re-infestation.

The Two Week Plan
Two weeks before school starts try and inculcate some healthy habits into your children so that you do not have to face too much trouble when the time comes to send them to school.

Get your child to go to bed early and wake up early so that you do not have too much trouble waking them up for school when the time comes. Avoid giving them big meals and also avoid giving them caffeine.

Immune support: Prevention is definitelybetter than cure and in fact these tips should be followed in general as well. Vitamin C is a great way to support your child’s immune system as it helps increase the production of infection fighting white blood cells, antibodies and it also works in increasing the levels of the antibody interferon that coats all the cell surfaces to prevent virus entry.

Hydrate: Most students believe that they have enough water, but in reality they do not. It is known that children should have at least water that is equivalent to half their body weight. If children are particularly active and spend too much time in the sun in hot and humid condition, consumption of adequate water is an absolute must. Make sure that your kids carry their own water bottles and that the bottles are BPA free so as to ensure that no harmful chemicals are transferred into their system from the plastic. Kids should be advised never to drink from a drinking fountain as germs are passed on easily through this route.

General Information

Heavy Bags:  Your child’s bag pack should not weigh more than 10 – 15% of his body weight. When looking for a bag make sure that you find bags that are padded on the shoulder straps and back. You could also choose to get a bag with a waist strap or wheels.

Body Mechanics
If yourchild spends too much time in front of the computer, you need to ensure that their body mechanics are such so that the muscles and bones are supported. The screen should be easily viewed without the child having to flex his neck. The height of the chair should be such so that it supports the body by making a right angle with the leg that is parallel to the floor. This ensures that there is less stress on the hips and the back. Make sure that your child’s arms are always at a neutral right angle to the keyboard and when using the mouse.

Avoid sugar: Sugar suppresses one’simmune system, and it also affects one’s health adversely. High sugar diet tends to affect the attention span of a child as well. Opt for alternatives, which you can found at the local health store. Speak to a Holistic Health Nutritionist who will also help you create a diet that can positively affect your child.

Hand sanitation: Maintaining hand hygiene is extremely important so that germs are not passed on from one kid to another. Teach your kids about the importance of washing their hands frequently and also about how important it is to keep their hands away from the face, nose, mouth and ears.

It is indeed true, prevention is better than cure, and if you want to ensure that your child is safe when he goes to school, take preventive care so that your child can enjoy a great year in school without being subject to illnesses now and then. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist so that you can carve a diet for your child that keeps him feeling energetic and alert always. Meeting with a Homeopath too can be great for the health of your child as homeopathy has a number of natural solutions improve your child’s overall health.

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