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If you have a beautiful lawn around your home, you want to maintain it so that your kids can play there for hours and even you can spend hours there just relaxing. However, with the fast paced lives that we lead today, maintaining your lawn to ensure that it looks beautiful can be difficult. However, it is absolutely necessary if you want your home to stay beautiful.

Today, we are going to discuss a few tips that will help you make the grass greener, lawn lush and in fact we will also discuss how you can keep your mower working to the best of its ability.

Homemade Lawn Concoctions
As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side, however, if you want the grass on your side of the lawn to stay green, you have to learn how to maintain it. You can do this easily with the help of a couple of homemade lawn tonics from everyday items that you will find around the house.

You will have to start with arranging for a reservoir attached to 10 – 20 gallon hose end sprayer. Add any of the ingredients mentioned below and spray it over your lawn once every three weeks for a beautiful lush lawn. Make sure that you add one cup of dishwashing liquid so that the solution that you make sticks evenly to the blades of grass.

You could add: Beer or non diet cola – the sugar content in these drinks help stimulate microbes that cause the soil to break. Molasses or Corn Syrup – The sugar content in these also help break up the soil. Household Ammonia – Ammonia helps by adding nitrates, which is the most essential ingredient in all fertilizers. Mouthwash – The alcohol content in mouthwash helps keep pests at bay and also kills spores and bacteria.

Recycle Grass
Grasscycling is a very common practice and is done by most golf courses and parks. This basically means that you will have to leave clipping of your lawn there itself after you are down mowing. Make sure that you mow often, so that not more than one third of the length of the grass blades is chopped of at one time. The clippings that you leave behind benefit the lawn and serve as mulch and they also help keep waste out of community landfills.

Oil Mower Blades
Use aerosol cooking oil to spray the blades of your lawnmower and the underside. This practice allows blades of grass not to stick to the blades and build up in the mower. Make sure you do this every time you are taking the mower for a spin through the lawn.

Skunks and Raccoons can cause a bit of a nuisance. They usually come in to your lawn looking for worms, insects and grub, especially when there has been some rain fall. You know they have entered your territory when there are small holes left behind. You should sprinkle your lawn with camphor crystals as apposed to toxic moth crystals and this will keep the furry foragers away.

These simple tips can indeed help you maintain a beautiful lawn by keeping the grass green and pests at bay. Follow these tips and enjoy days spent in your lawn with your family. Also work towards maintain the health of your family by visiting a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Homeopathic Center on ideas as to how you can keep your mind and body strong.

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