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When you choose to live a vegan lifestyle, you will not only achieve a number of health benefits, but you are also doing good to the environment. A problem that a number of vegans face today however is that they experience depleting energy levels as a result of lack of iron.

The body needs iron to produce red blood cells, which are essential for nutrients and minerals and oxygen to other parts of the body. It also helps in maintaining healthy cells, hair, nails and skin. When the body faces the problem of insufficient iron levels, one experiences, elevated heartbeat, sore tongue, craving for substances like dirt and clay, fragile hair and nails and weakness.

Iron is mainly found in animal products and when you are vegan you have a very few sources to rely on for the right amount of iron that your body needs.

There are indeed a number of vegan foods that do contain iron, however, compared to animal products, it is much lower. Therefore, when a switch takes place, it becomes necessary for depleting iron levels to be supplemented.

The daily iron intake should ideally be between 8.7 mg to 14.8 mg per day for adults. These number vary based on a few factors that are different for men and women.

A few natural iron sources that vegans can incorporate in to their lifestyle include: whole grains, dried fruits, potatoes, green leafy vegetables and seeds. Other sources include: parsley, soy products, dark chocolate, edible sea vegetables, watercress and black molasses.

Vitamin C
In order for your body to absorb iron properly you have to include Vitamin C in your diet. Make colorful fruits and veggies are part of your diet. Make your diet rich in lemons, oranges, cabbage, blackcurrants, green vegetables, kiwis, parsley and broccoli.

Stay away from Coffee
Tannin, which is a part of your body inhibits the absorption of iron in your body. Avoid drinking coffee, tea and any other products that contain caffeine. Choose to have juices or the basic water instead.

Choose to speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can make natural sources of iron a part of your life especially when you follow a vegan diet.


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