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Hair loss is a problem most of us struggle with. More often than not it becomes difficult to pin point the reason for hair loss and we remain quizzing ourselves, our health practitioners and our eating habits. With time we tend to get used to the pattern and simply give up. Hair loss if not treated could lead to depression and have an impact on your self-esteem as well.

So, do not waste time and learn ways in which you can prevent hair loss.

Keep it Cool!
When you dry your hair, make sure that your hair dryer is either on settings that are low or cool. Do not use flat irons, try and avoid dying your hair to colors that are darker than one or two shades than your hair. When you need more color for your hair, it means that more chemicals will be used that will be damaging. When you apply hair spray or hair gel, do ensure that you do not comb it after it is dried, comb it right away, as there is less chance of breakage.

Check Your Diet
If you want to protect yourself from hair fall, follow a diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon and mackerel are a must, and you could also choose to simply sprinkle some flaxseeds that are freshly ground on top of salads and cereals every day.

Iron and Vitamin C
Hair loss could also be caused due to some deficiencies. A deficiency in iron can cause red blood cells to reduce, which are actually extremely crucial for the health of one’s hair follicles. Iron supplements should be consumed with Vitamin C, as it aids in the appropriate absorption of iron.

Speak with Your Doctor
It is important that you consult your doctor, if you think the problem may be a symptom of something else. Hair loss can be caused due to a number of reasons, like, anemia, medications, heart disease and thyroid as well.

Family Tree
In reality, the most common reason for hair loss is hereditary hair fall. If you have a history of hair fall in your family, it is likely that you will witness hair fall too. You can control this by making changes in your diet.

It is important that one gets in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what the best diet is to control hair fall. A homeopath too could help you with natural remedies that will combat hair fall. Homeopathic messengers have over the years engineered a host of natural formulas that can aid hair fall, many of which have been very successful over the years.



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