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Dealing with children is difficult, to say the least, and dealing with children who have certain disorders is even more difficult. But, as a parent one has to learn that this is a part of them growing up, and if their issues are not dealt with now, it could affect them for life. Eating disorders are very common amongst children, and parents have to learn how to identify them and make efforts to nip the disorder in the bud.

Confronting kids about these issues can be a task, however, as a concerned parent, you have to gather up the courage and do what is best for their health and future. What you must realize first though is that, the eating disorder is not just hard on you; it affects your child more than anybody else. Kids with eating disorders usually like to stay aloof and away from their friends.

If you suspect that your child has an eating disorder, but are not sure, it is advisable that you gingerly book an appointment with a registered holistic nutritionist or a homeopath in your neighborhood. It is easier for kids to admit to someone outside, that something maybe wrong than telling you that they are having trouble with food. A health practitioner or a holistic nutritionist will be able to determine if there are any other problems and symptoms associated with the eating disorder as well. Homeopathy will be able to provide a number of solutions that could work toward treating your child’s disorder.

It is important that you seek the help of a professional, because they are experts when it comes to dealing with denial, and they will be able to spot the signs that point them in the direction to provide the right treatment.

Study Yourself
What do you think about yourself? Your body, weight and image. Think about then seriously and share them with your child.

Be Nice
Eating disorders are often products of high emotional levels and stress. These disorders manifest themselves to cope with the emotional pain, self-hate or stress. Threats, anger or scaring your children will only make the disorder worse.

Know Your Limits
Keep your behavior consistent. Know exactly how you will react if your child is giving you some trouble and he wants to eat alone, skip meals or gets angry when his favorite food is not on the table.

Be Firm
You have to seek professional help if the behavior continues. If your child constantly keeps promising that his behavior will improve, to avoid visiting a specialist, you have to put your foot down, and in a caring way convince him that a trip to the doctor is what is right.

Promote self-esteem
To help your children overcome their insecurities and disorders, you have to promote their self-esteem in athletic, social and intellectual endeavors. Make sure that you treat both boys and girls in the same way and allow them the same opportunities. A well-rounded sense of self-esteem is indeed the best antidote for eating disorders.

Try and communicate with your child so that they learn how to manage unpleasant thoughts in a positive manner. Stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and self-hatred have to be replaced with more pleasant thoughts.

Don’t blame yourself
Parents tend to blame themselves for the eating disorders that their kids develop. This is not something you should not do as it is not in your hands. However, when the problem is identified make sure that you take steps to treat the issue with absolute care.



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