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You may have heard about the benefits of herbs and the wonders they can do for your body, but you may have rarely made the effort to actually make them part of your diet and lifestyle. If you are fond of gardening or would like to take up a new hobby that will have positive effects on your life, you should indeed think about growing some really healing herbs in your back yard.

Herbs like basil, chamomile, parsley, sage, thyme and many more can help treat depression, heal rashes, reduce indigestion and achieve many other benefits. Putting together a healing garden will indeed help you live a better life. It does not take too much effort, all you need to have is a little determination and a penchant for gardening and you could indeed have the best and most beautiful healing garden in the neighborhood.

All you need is some seeds and some time on your side, and you can create a truly amazing herb garden in your very own backyard. These amazing herbs can be used to make balms, can be infused in herbal teas and can work towards treating a number of ailments both big and small.

You should ideally speak with a holistic nutritionist before you take off to the local nursery to get your self some seeds for your healing garden. A holistic health practitioner will help you understand the best herbs you can plant and will also enlighten you upon the many benefits that they have for your health.

Basil is used greatly in Italian cuisine; however, it has a host of latent benefits that you were probably not aware off. Basil can be used to treat a lack of appetite, flatulence, scrapes and cuts. This is an annual plant, and once its young leaves are harvested you can truly enjoy the benefits of herbs for a long time.

You may have ordered this great tea off a number of café menus, but did you know that you could simply grow this beautiful flower in your backyard and achieve some amazing benefits. Chamomile helps treat skin inflammations, anxiety and indigestion, making you feel good in a matter of a few hours. Simply use the flower heads to make some great infusions and salves.

Parsley again, is widely used to make food taste absolutely yum, it indeed gives food great texture, taste and color, but did you know that this green herb can also help treat bad breath and flatulence. This herb has a host of healing powers and is loaded with some of the best nutrients.

The name by itself means ‘to heal’. The herb was used in ancient times to heal a number of ailments; it was rarely used as a culinary herb then. Today, its use has evolved and it can be used to add some great flavor to your meals and also to treat throat and mouth inflammations.

Thyme a superb culinary herb and has a multitude of medicinal properties given the active thymol agent in it that is very strong antiseptic. The herb helps treat gas, indigestion, congestion and coughs.

St. John’s Wort
The yellow flowers and glossy leaves are the active parts of this plant. They can be used to treat mild and moderate depression. However, it is important that one consults their health practitioner before using this herb to treat depression.

Lemon Balm
A versatile herb and close relative of mint, lemon balm can be used generously to treat problems like insomnia, herpes, upset stomach, flatulence, anxiety and small wounds. 

The leaves and flowers of Feverfew can be used to make teas, the leaves can be chewed to ease headaches, pains, arthritis and a number of skin conditions as well.

A small little herb garden in your back yard can indeed make a difference to your life. Speak with a holistic nutritionist to gain further insight into how you can use herbs benefits to live a long and healthy life.






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