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A sore throat can indeed make life miserable for your young one. Children like to run around the house, in school, in the backyard screeching at the top of their voice. However, when they are faced with a sore throat they are unable to do so making them cranky and irritable. Parents though should not stress themselves too much as there are host of easy to follow home remedies that can treat a sore throat and also help in reducing inflammation easily and quickly.

You know your child is suffering from a sore throat when they describe their discomfort as being a ticklish, scratchy or burning pain in their throat. It is basically a feeling of soreness that begins at the back of one’s mouth and extends till the middle of one’s throat. A sore throat is usually a symptom of some other ailment, and therefore it is important that the throat is treated and a health practitioner is seen immediately.

A sore throat can be caused due to a number of reasons. It could be allergies, viral or bacterial infection, and even environmental changes like low humidity, dust or smoke.

A few home remedies that can relieve your child from that itchy, scratchy feeling in the throat are listed below:

Garlic is known to have anti fungal and anti viral properties that can help alleviate the irritation in one’s throat. Just make sure that you add some garlic to every meal your child has, and you will see results. If your child is not very fussy about food, you could make a simple mocktail or soup with a generous helping of garlic.

Comfort foods or foods that act as a soothing agent to the throat can help treat the problem quicker. Soups, broths, stews, potatoes, oatmeal, yogurt and soft cooked eggs can really help. Foods that are easy to swallow should be made to treat your child’s sore throat.

Gargling with warm salt water is very helpful. Make sure that your child understands the process of gargling and does not swallow the water instead. Walk your kids through the process by showing them how to gargle; it will do your throat some good too.

Stay Away from Irritants
Exposure to irritants will only aggravate the inflammation in your child’s throat. Make sure that your child is away from cigarette smoke, cleaning fumes, paint and car fumes.

It is important that you consult with your Health Practitioner or Registered Holistic Nutritionist before you use these remedies to treat your child’s sore throat. A Holistic Nutritionist will determine the gravity of the sore throat, after examining your child’s eating habits, lifestyle and body type and prescribe a diet and some remedies that could truly help them feel better.

Homeopathy has many cures for sore throats in children. These remedies are natural and will have no side effects. Make an appointment with a Homeopathic Centre to learn how homeopathy can help you build your child’s immunity so that sore throats are the last thing that you have worry about.

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