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Angina can be described as a chest pain that could lead to a heart attack and paralysis. Pain caused due to angina should not be taken lightly as it could lead to extremely fatal cardiac issues. Patients who are suffering from angina should be extremely careful about what they eat and should consult with the health practitioner regularly.

The main symptoms of angina are breathlessness and chest pain, patients are advised to seek advice from their Health practitioners when symptoms surface to avoid complications. Other major symptoms can vary from heaviness, tightness, squeezing, choking sensation and burning. Angina pain will not always stay in the chest; it could spread to the jaw, shoulders, back and neck as well.

If you experience numbness or weakness in the left arm, chest pain, breathlessness and nausea, chest tightness and pain that extends to the neck, it is imperative that you call your doctor and seek medical advice.

Angina is not a disease, it is symptom of coronary hear disease. Angina occurs in both men and women and could occur in different stages of one’s life. People who smoke a lot and suffer from diabetes are more prone to this condition.

Patients experiencing Angina have to make changes in their overall lifestyle, by tweaking their living and eating habits. Special attention to one’s diet and regular exercise is an absolute must to see a difference.

A few foods that can help make the condition better are discussed below:

Green Vegetables:
Cholesterol levels in angina patients need to be maintained, and therefore mutton should be avoided. Dairy products too should be consumed in moderation. Green Vegetables should be a preferred choice as they not only help control angina but also positively affect overall health.

Lemon: Include the juice of at least one lemon in your food every day. Squeeze some lemon juice over your salad, or stay fresh with fresh limewater. Lemon helps prevent accumulation of cholesterol, which means it prevents blockages in the blood vessels.

Garlic: Garlic is the best cure for a host of heart ailments. Consuming 2 – 3 cloves of garlic in the morning can help cure angina naturally. Make garlic a part of your daily diet to experience relief from angina.

Basil Leaves: Consuming fresh basil leaves early in the morning can help one find relief from angina pains. If you do not have access to fresh basil, then basil juice with a few spoonfuls of warm water can help.

Honey: Add some honey to a glass of warm water, and squeeze some lemon in it, make sure you consume it on an empty stomach. This concoction will help clear blood vessels and it also helps reduce accumulation of cholesterol. In fact, it also helps control fat.

Grapes: Grapes are known to strengthen ones heart, reduce heart attack risk and angina pain.

Onion: Raw onion juice is not great to taste, but if consumed early in the morning it can help bring down levels of cholesterol.

Citrus Fruits: Pineapple, grapes and orange contain citrus acid that can help one find angina on a daily basis. Vitamin C works well to control cholesterol levels, which needs to be kept in check for Angina patients.

Parsley: One of the most effective home remedies to treat angina, it can be consumed as herbs or fresh leaves as well can be eaten. Parsley tea is great to taste and has great aroma as well. It is extremely beneficial for treating angina.

Incorporating simple home remedies into your lifestyle can help you find relief from angina and stop it from converting into a stressful coronary heart disease. Speak with Registered Holistic Nutritionist so that you can learn how to make these foods and more cholesterol fighting foods a part of your diet for a strong heart.

A Homeopath too can give you great advice and solutions on natural homeopathic cures for an angina free life.

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