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Today many doctors are coming across children who are experiencing unexplainable growth deficiency or dwarfism. These children who have undergone testing for growth hormone deficiency, thyroid problems, adrenal deficiencies, and x-rays to determine bone age are showing all tests within normal range.

This is leading to doctors labelling them as having “Idiopathic short Stature”, a fancy way of saying that you are short and we cannot find a any medical reason. Idiopathic short stature (ISS) is defined as height that is well below the average for the child’s sex and age, a more than two standard deviations below average height.

The conventional medical treatment is controversial as why would you inject your child with growth hormones when they don’t have any deficiency in this hormone. These growth hormones come at a great cost and this cost is not covered by insurance companies. An average of $18,000 to $36,000 cost is incurred by parents with half-inch gain.

Dangers of this treatment is that it may cause premature puberty, which shortens the growth period and may cause early closure of the long bones thereby limiting height potential and rendering the whole treatment self-defeating.

The FDA approval of the ISS was based on two clinical studies and the long term effects are unknown.

Through Homeopathy many cases have been successful in helping parents with children facing deficient growth. All cases have shown more than just improvement in growth. Parents have reported that their children’s behaviour improved tremendously. The best part is that the remedies are safe and the treatment is ridiculously cheap.

Each person is a unique individual and results vary, but with the right homeopathic remedy one can stimulate inner healing so children can reach their full growth.


  1. can you tell me the name of the medicine which i can give to my niece…..he is 9years old and we have given him these injections for 2 years….now we stop that treatment after doctors opinion that his height is noit increasing even after daily injections. we are very worried so kindly help
    us in such matter.

  2. hello my name is soban.
    my little brother is just 2 year old, and looks younger then his age,he has GH deficiency since he was born.can you suggest any homeopathic medicine for his treatment?The doctors even the homeopathic doctors in pakistan are suggesting somatrotropin injections!!They are saying you must use these injections for better treatment for the 2 yr kid?
    So is there any homeopathic medicine that is faster and better then these injections?

    1. Hi Soban,
      I would not give children any injections. They have to many issues in them. Homeopathy is great to help growth and diet is more important.
      You need someone who specialises in food to help the organs and the methylation system.

  3. Sir, we have a baby boy of 3yrs 4mnts,he is suffering from growth hormone deficiency, thyroid problem and his bone age still 2yrs,we are not starting any treatment till now, we are thinking to start homeopathy treatment, will it be 100percent curable?

    1. Hi Pradip,
      There are many underlining cause to these conditions. I would suggest homeopathy and a diet that would support the thyroid and the methylation cycle.

    1. Hi Dr Mala,
      Many things can cause growth issues. You need to correct the methylation cycle, you need to correct diet, you need to check toxins
      A few things to do right away is to add green leafy vegetable to the diet. Also you need to check thyroid (t3/t4 and tsh levels).

      There are many homeopathic medicines to help but the above need to be done before one proceeds.

      Hermeet Suri

    2. Dr mala
      If the child was underweight during birth then the Methionine is not being converted to SAM and further.
      You need to correct that with nutrient and few remedies that can help are Magnesium carb and plumbum met.


  4. Hi Sir,
    My son is almost 2 years old and he never eats anything like normal kids do…
    He is just taking powdered milk and nothing else.I am really very worried about him please help and suggest any homeo medicine.

    1. Hi,
      In order to assist you I need to know more about the situation of the mother prior to birth, during and after. Also was he breast feed etc.
      Please provide details or formula and growth of child.


  5. Hi Sir,
    My son is 6yrs old now. He is underweight and just 104 cm height. He had thyroid problems at birth and continued treatment for 3yrs.now its normal.
    i am worried about its height. he itself is feeling very sad and asking me ‘why am not growing’. pls help me sir
    what homeopathic medicine should we take ??

    1. Hi Shanas
      Thyroid is very important in growth. Due to having initial issues of thyroid the growth is less but should catch up.
      One important thing about growth is that the body need HGH and if the child is stressed then it will be decreased.
      Keep child positive and feed organic health foods. All should improve.
      If you need further support connect with me to do a EPIGENETIC protocol which involves genetic testing and pathway adjustments.


      1. HI Hermeet,
        Doctor said my son has hyper thyroid problem and not producing enough hormones. We have appointment with endocronoligist in 3 weeks. He is much smaller than others his age. He is in the 1 percentile for his age. I believe we need homeopathy to help his body produce and use hormones naturally. Can you guide me on what to give him? He turns 13 late April.


        1. Hi Winston
          If you can find a homeopathy near by that would be the best approach.
          If you want to start a process, I would start with adrenaline 6x, thyroidinum 6x and pituitary 6x daily for 30 days and then reassess.


  6. My son aged 33 yr is not having sufficient growth hormone. can I correct through homeo medicine? If so which medicine? Howmuch?Smile thanks

    1. Hi Rajeswaricr
      Thyroid is very important in growth. Due to having initial issues of thyroid the growth is less but should catch up.
      One important thing about growth is that the body need HGH and if the child is stressed then it will be decreased.
      Keep child positive and feed organic health foods. All should improve.
      If you need further support connect with me to do a EPIGENETIC protocol which involves genetic testing and pathway adjustments.


  7. Hello Sir,
    My daughter is 12 yrs old she is taking since one year homeopathy medicine for height increase. When we started the treatment her growth hormone was 0.35 ng/ml bt as on today her report shows 0.08 ng/ml it decreased instead of increasing the growth hormone. We have gone in alopathy but they sugeest the injections but i do not agree for injections. Please suggest any medicine which can increase the growth hormones.

    1. Hi Kusum
      Children growth depends on many variable. So in order for me to give you help I need to have a consult done.
      One the other hand you can reduce oxidative test, decrease cortisol levels and start organ food intake to begin.


  8. My son briefly was on homeopathic hgh drops at about age 12/13 years old since I thought he was a little short for his age. He seems fine now. He is now 14. I didn’t see any negative side effects but I was curious if there are any concerns with taking homeopathic hgh. It was my understanding since it’s homeopathic there aren’t any side effects to be concerned of. Thanks for your response!

  9. My 10.8 years old daughter height is 129.0 cms (50.9 inches or 4 feet 2 inches). Worried about her height. What to do? Now thinking to start with Endocrinologist for Short Stature treatment.

  10. Hi sir my son is 10 years old. We have conducted growth hormone blood test in which gh comes to 0.85, which is below the minimum requirement. We are concern about his height development. We are also giving homeopathic treatment for pituitary glands. We are advised that it is safe in homeopathy.
    Request to advise us best remedial action and whether we should continue the same treatment or advises us better medicine.

    1. Hi Mr Kumar
      Best action to start is to give Baryta Carb 200ch every saturday (1 dose)
      Daily give cortisone 6x in the morning, adrenaline 6x afternoon and thyrodinium 6x.

      Report back after 3 months


  11. hello doctor,

    my son’ s is complete 14 years old. his height is short .height increase but not much more .please suggest me what is the problem
    and which homeopathy medicine should i give to my son and advice the dosages .please also advice how long i continue the medicine

    1. Hi
      Mrs Kapoor
      1st you need to make sure he is eating health foods.
      2nd he needs to have a form of daily sport activity (1-2hours)
      3rd His sleep should be deep
      4th The following homeopathic remedies can be used in general
      a) Thyroidium 6x (7-11am)
      b) adrenaline 6x (12-5pm)
      c) Cortisol 6x (7-11pm)


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