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Homeopathic treatment is humane, unharmful to the patient aiming to cure the whole disease, not simply to suppress the symptoms of the disease, or to treat some apparent symptoms only. It has achieved a rational, scientific basis for cure, which is easily understood in well-defined principles. Homeopathic practitioner goes to the root of the disease and tries to find out the real cause. He does not prescribe the medicine by the visible symptoms only.

Orthodox medicine attempts to suppress only one of the many symptom that disease present; a short sighted method which does much harm. However, Homeopathic Practitioner believes that it is the totality of symptoms to which he must address himself. It is this ‘Totality of symptoms ’that gives us the complete picture of a disease, so as to give individuality and personality in a case. The term ‘totality of symptoms’ does not mean a numerical totality of symptoms, but it represents organized placement of signs and symptoms bringing about characteristic individualistic picture of a patient that distinguishes him from another patient for e.g.:- there may be two patients suffering from cholera – both having common symptoms of profuse rice-watery stools and also the presence of the organism – vibrio cholerae in the stools. The orthodox school will however give the same treatment to both the patients. But, for a homoeopathic physician, icy coldness of the whole body, pulse small and weak sinking of strength, convulsions, intolerance of covering in spite of chilliness, worse by walking requires Camphor, but the same symptoms with copious vomiting and nausea, thirst for cold water and better by walking about requires Veratrum album.

Disease is caused by an internal derangement of vital force. This internal derangement is outwardly reflected by signs and symptoms. And, if you try to remove one of these symptoms, the internal derangement will continue to persist .A single symptom is no more the whole disease than single foot of a man’. This is the totality of symptoms; the outer image expressing the inner essence of disease must be the main event, the only means by which disease allows us to find the necessary remedy. In every individual case of disease, the totality of symptoms must be the physicians’ principal concern. In Homeopathy we consider the evident physical constitution of the patient (especially in chronic affections), his affective and intellectual character, his activities, his way of life, his habits, his social position, his family relationships, his age, his sexual life, etc..’ Therefore Homeopathy is an holistic therapy and recognizes every person is unique.

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