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There comes a time every year, when your allergies start acting up and you cannot stop sneezing. This time can be a whole lot simpler, if you are prepared to face your allergies in a more disciplined manner. Yes, you can treat your body well, so that it is ready to fight allergies that come its way.

Climate change, is bound to affect your body, during allergy season, you will suffer from a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and may tend to get lethargic because of the above. Today, with more people becoming a victim of climate change and allergies, it is important that we take small measure to overcome these allergies.

It is first important to understand, why one suffers from allergies. When its time for plants to pollinate, they start sending pollen in to the air. Some people’s bodies may produce antibodies that attach themselves to the cells in one’s lungs, eyes and nose. This leads to the release of histamine, that cause symptoms.

There are a host of allergy treatments available, but it is prudent that one eats well and gets enough exercise as well, to create a strong immune system.


A lot of people have started using hypnosis as an effective method to fight allergies.

Oral Montelukast

This treatment was originally developed to treat the problem of asthma, and is now available only under prescription for those with asthma. These help in blocking the actions that inflammatory chemicals, leukotrienes have, which is of blocking the airways by producing mucus.

Sublingual Immunotherapy or SLIT

In Immunotherapy patients are given gradually increasing doses of allergen, which helps desensitize the immune system. It is done by way of an injection, in the United States. Some places in Europe, use a method known as SLIT, which leaves some drops or tablets, under your tongue. While these drops or tablets may not be as effective as shots, but they are known to be safer.

Supplements and Herbs

Quercetin – a chemical also known as flavonoid, is found in onions, grape, tomatoes and tea is known to be heart healthy and is also known to block the effects of histamine. Speaking with a homeopath and a registered Holistic Nutritionist can help you understand what foods and what herbs and supplements you can include in your diet to create a stronger immune system.

Control your environment

It is important that you are able to identify triggers more effectively. Leaner about your environment and know what you may be allergic too and what may trigger off an allergic reaction. Try to avoid these situations, so that you can stay allergy free.

Nasal Sprays, eye drops and a host of other over the counter drugs can help you gain relief, and if you wish to stay strong through this season, it is important that you learn how to control the environment around you, eat right and learn about the right treatment available.

Meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what your diet should consist of and also try and meet with a homeopath, so that you can understand what herbs are essential for a string and healthy body and mind.

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