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Loving your body does not depend on how it looks, it depends on how you feel about it. There are a number of women out there, who look simply fabulous, but are still constantly at war with their bodies.

This basically means that if you wish to fall in love with your body, you need make changes from the inside out. You have to start loving yourself, and be happy, and when you do so, if you still think you are overweight and could help with some changes, should you go ahead and make them. But, first, get realistic about these notions that you may have in your head.

Here are a few thoughts that people often have an alternative thoughts, that you could think of imbibing in to your attitude.

Thought No. 1: I have to exercise every day, or else I will put on weight.
When you have the thoughts mentioned above, you will lead to believe that if your body is not worked enough, it could rebel against you. Instead you should think of your body as a trusted vehicle and aim for it to guide you to a vivacious space.

Thought No. 2: I eat select foods and always avoid sweets
When people spend time obsession about foods they can eat and foods they should avoid, it takes over them and can lead to causing anxiety at social occasions as there is a lot of food there that one cannot eat according to their thoughts. Instead of focusing on foods you can and cannot eat, focus on foods that help you feel alive and vibrant.

Thought No. 3: I have to think really hard about the food that I eat!
Pressurizing yourself about what you eat can be a real strain on your head and choosing the best and most rational options can be a tough call. So, it makes sense to approach the process in a healthier manner and weigh your options instead of pressurizing yourself.

Finding a balance between mind, body and soul is extremely important, and if you fail to do so, you can be sure that you will constantly be at war with yourself. The ideal way to choose is to be happy first and then make decisions that play a crucial role for mind, body and spirit growth.

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