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You may have achieved your weight loss goal, but the trickier part is just beginning. How are you going to keep this weight off? There are a few things that people who are successful in keeping weight off have in common, and we are going to discuss them today. If you too wish to maintain an ideal weight, then you must indeed pay close attention to the ideas that are highlighted below.

Stay Physically Active Everyday
If you wish to maintain your ideal weight in the long term, you have to stay physically active every day. This does not mean hitting the gym for two hours at a stretch, it means taking on activities that allow your body to be in motion.

For example, walking to the grocery store also comprises of physical activity, doing the chores around the house instead of watching television is being physically active. Of course you must try and get some exercise in your daily routine as well. To make it interesting you could take on different sports that interest you. Go for a swim, play some basketball with your son, ride your bike to the office or play some football at the park. Whatever it is, keep your body active to keep your weight maintained.

Eat Breakfast
People who think that skipping breakfast is going to help them lose weight have it all wrong. People who skip breakfast tend to get derailed off their weight loss goals almost instantly. Eating a healthy breakfast is important if one wants to maintain an ideal weight.

When you eat breakfast that comprises of proteins and foods that are high in fiber, you can stave hunger for a longer time. In fact if you do skip breakfast you will note that when meal time comes, you want to pounce on the plate and you will end up eating more than you actually should be.

Pack a punch in to your breakfast by creating exciting smoothies, some great oat pancakes, a bowl of fresh fruit with some Greek yogurt, and you will see that maintaining an ideal weight is not so tough after all.

Have Controlled Portions
A little research and a meeting with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist can help you decide what your portion sizes should be. Do not even think about skipping whole food groups from your diet. You have to include all, however, make sure that he portion sizes you take are balanced so as to bring you strength and satiate your hunger while not allowing you to pack on too many calories.

Healthy Food

We all know good food from bad, however, we rarely make efforts to avoid foods that pack on the calories. If you do want to maintain that ideal weight, you have to learn how to identify the good from the bad and choose the good from the bad. Avoid eating simple carbs, choose complex carbohydrates instead. Choose your fats carefully, eat fruits and green vegetables and lots of nuts to keep your body strong and keep the weight that you have shed off for good.

Keep Track
Keep track of your weight. When you are on your weight loss plan, make sure that you have noted at every step how much weight you have lose. When you do reach your ideal weight, remember that it’s not over. You have to track your weight even now, in fact especially now, that you have achieved the goals that you have set for yourself and you do not want to lose ground.

So, weigh yourself every morning, and if you have put on a little more than you should have, schedule a run for the evening or make some amends to your diet.

Deal with Stress
A lot of people use food as an effective way to deal with stress. However, doing so will only make you put on the weight you have lost. So, find food free ways to deal with the stress you face at the office or at home. Go for a run, go swimming, watch a movie that relaxes you, cook for the family, listen to some music, do whatever you feel like, but do not gorge on those cookies that you have managed to stay away from for son long.

The best way to maintain the weight that you have achieved is by getting people involved. When you plan a healthy diet for yourself alone, it is likely that you may lose motivation at some time or another. Try and get more people in the family involved, help them make healthy lifestyle choices too and you will see that you will be able to maintain your ideal weight.

You have to believe in yourself, you have to believe in the fact that you can do it, you can maintain your ideal weight. Constantly look at the positives of maintaining the ideal weight, think about how you can fit in to that dress you’ve been wanting to, think about how gorgeous you look and how good you feel about yourself, believe in yourself and you can be sure that you will not falter.

It is indeed important that you get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about how you can maintain the weight that you have lost. A nutritionist will study your lifestyle and your body type to provide you with a diet that can indeed work wonders without you having to starve yourself. Also, get in touch with a homeopath to learn alternative and natural techniques for weight maintenance.



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