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A family holiday dinner is often one of our most enjoyable meals. It is the one time we can sit down with family and friends to celebrate the season and enjoy a hearty home cooked meal. For some, a holiday dinner means a full plate with all the trimmings, however it is important to remember that you should typically eat a lighter meal in the evening with less carbs and more veggies and protein. Here are some tips to help you enjoy those special holiday feasts, without putting on some excess weight.

Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy a healthier dinner:

Salad dressing
Don’t rely on store-bought salad dressing, instead, choose to make the salad dressing on your own at home. This way you can avoid a host of preservatives that come packed in store-bought varieties.

Avoid seconds
A great way to curb that urge for a second helping is by practicing to put aside a portion of your dinner for lunch the next day.

Vegetables are perceived as a side dish, but you should try to develop a habit to make it the hero dish for dinner and you will extract a host of nutrients for a great health and life.

Instead of microwave and boiling your food, choose to steam and slow cooking or pressure-cooking as well. This way you can keep more nutrients and avoid the dangers that microwave cooking brings with it.

Eat Lighter Meals
You do not need a lot of energy at night, so you should avoid eating heavy meals in the evening hours.

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