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Every mom on the planet has faced this dilemma…what should I cook for my children when come home from a long day at school. While some mums look for delicious treats, others look for dishes that can be quickly put together, however, one thing that remains common amongst all is that the food should be healthy.

When making snacks for kids, you need to remember that they cannot get their fill now, as they still have to keep some room in their tummies for dinner. The below mentioned tips can ensure that your children get the fill they need and just enough so that they are ready to eat a nutritious dinner again.

Timing is Everything
To understand how much food your kids would need after time spent in school, you should work towards understanding their schedule. Try and keep a track on their schedule. Remember what they ate before they left for school and then learn what time their snack breaks are and what they eat during these snack breaks.

When preparing a snack, keep in mind what you are cooking for dinner and how much time you have before dinner. Depending on these few considerations you can decide on the snacks you plan to prepare.

Healthy Options
Always ask your kids what they want to eat. Make yummy snacks that they will enjoy. However, just listen to them and try figuring out how you can add a healthy twist to a dish that would normally be considered unhealthy. A pizza made from whole-wheat flour topped with the most nutritious vegetables. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and there’s just so much more that they may enjoy.

Get Them Involved
To ensure that your kids eat healthy you have to set an example, and you also have to get them involved in the cooking process. Get them to play with the fruits and vegetables while they cut it into weird shaped and eat it with some delicious dip. Get them to cut up the fruits for their smoothie and give it a blend in your blender.

When kids have time, inculcating in them healthy eating habits is very important and it can happen all that that crucial snack time when they are famished.

Let your kids enjoy snack time and when you find yourself looking for inspiration, you should meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn which fruits and snacks will do good to your growing child. A homeopath too can help you with arriving at natural remedies for overall development of your child.





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