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Unable to perform the sexual act effectively. Complete or partial. Some or potent to one girl and impotent to another. It may be due to psychic causes or to local defects. Injury to the spine, excessively venery etc. are contributory causes.

Drugs advertised by some contains stimulants and habit forming drugs as Strychnine, Opium, Cannabis Indica, Alcohol etc. which give a temporary improvement. After effects are making them more debilitated than before.

Impotency is not to be mistaken Sterility. By sterility we mean barrenness, as inability to impregnate a uterus. Sterility is usually found in persons suffering from impotency but it is also seen in person with full sexual power.

Organic impotence. This originates from some structural and anatomical defects in the sexual organs or in the sexual nerve centers. The main causes are as follows:

Severe attack of mumps in children,
If testicles were removed (castration) by some reason. (e.g. a bad injury) then there will be complete impotence.
Injury in the lower part of the spinal column near the lumbar region.
Hydroceles, scrotal hernia and elephantiasis make the surrounding parts of the penis hypertrophied and the penis enveloped by such huge mass tissues is not able to penetrate into the vagina.
Unnatural sexual gratification, prolonged involuntary seminal emission causing diminution in the size of the penis and testicles.

Functional Impotence. If seminal emission occurs too early before erection is complete or if the whole act is finished too soon, the man may be suffering from functional impotence. Factors causing functional impotence are the following:

Excessive sexual indulgence
Syphilis and gonorrhoea
A patient who usually had aversion to coitus, no erection; subsides in the midst of an embrace and was not able to finish the act; had nocturnal emission several times at night, worrying nature constantly brooded over his impotence: sad, shy and despondent. He had a weak, empty feeling in the chest was cured by Homeopath medicine “Acid Phos” followed by other Homeopathic medicine.

Diet must be simple, non-stimulating. Must plenty of water, plenty of fruits and vegetables, so as to avoid constipation.

Proper exercises. Swimming is the best as it gives play to all muscles, especially to the spine. Walk in the open air is good.

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