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Also known as Bacterial Endocarditis, Infective Endocarditis is essentially an infection that occurs in the linings of the heart or in the heart valves.

This condition takes place when other organisms or bacteria enter into one’s bloodstream and start building up through the lining of one’s heart or on the valve, where the damage has taken place. People who are most susceptible include people who have had a heart valve replacement or suffer from rheumatic heart disease.

The symptoms of this condition could include chills, weakness, aching muscles and joints, night sweats, paleness, swelling in the feet, abdomen or legs, blood in the urine, weight loss, tenderness in the spleen, heart murmur, shortness of breath and fatigue.

Blood tests and an echocardiogram are used to diagnose infective endocarditis.

While the condition needs long-term intravenous antibiotics to be treated, a heart valve replacement might also be required in some cases where one’s heart is not being able to pump blood effectively or doe not respond to the antibiotics being administered.

If you belong to the category that is at high risk from infective endocarditis, then you should definitely avoid any situation, which allows for seepage of bacteria in to your bloodstream. These situations could include getting your teeth cleaned to undergoing complex surgery. It is extremely important that you talk to your doctor to ensure that you can reduce risks by taking proper antibiotics before the procedure so that you can prevent infection.

Dental Care
It is important to talk to your doctor if you are having any dental work done. Your doctor will prescribe you the right antibiotics that will reduce your risk of infection.

Speaking with your doctor is necessary to find out if the antibiotics you are taken will not cause a problem for you while you are undergoing dental treatments. If the disorder is congenital, which means if you were born with it, you may have a higher risk of contracting infections during dental procedures.

Make sure that you are well prepared for dental treatment by ensuring that you have asked your doctor what you need to do. Speak with your dentist and request him to tell you how you need to prepare as well. Be sure to have a list of the medicines handy, also have your doctor’s details and ensure that you can provide them to your dentist in case he needs to consult with your doctor, before starting the procedure.

Living with this condition is tough, however, if you pay attention to your diet and have your medicines on time while following other necessary precautions, you can indeed lead a normal life. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods will strengthen your heart and help you feel healthy. Homeopathy too has a host of great natural solutions that can help you feel strong and keep your heart healthy.



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