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If you have a beautiful back yard, where you love spending time with your family, and you also like spending some time gardening, then you are probably aware that there are two kinds of insects, those that should be kept at bay and those that should be encouraged in your surroundings.

Below are listed seven insects that you should have in your garden to keep unwanted pests at bay and keep your garden healthy.

Lady Beetles
They not only look cute, but they are also very helpful around the garden. They are known to eat whitefly nymphs, aphids and many other pest eggs and scales that are soft bodied. You can bait them into your garden with the help of cabbages, asters, cosmos, cilantro, yarrow, sweet alyssum, flowering kale and marigolds.

Ground Beetles
Ground Beetles too bring a host of advantages to your garden. These are known to destroy snails, slugs, flys, cutworms and root maggot eggs and larvae. These can be baited into your garden with the help of white or sweet clover. Mulch would be needed to create an appropriate habitat.

These will eat soft bodied pests like aphids. These can be brought in to your garden by using lavender, feverfew, candytuft, sweet alyssum, fennel, dill and asters as bait.

The larvae of lacewings are known to prey on aphids, scales, pest eggs and small caterpillars. These can be persuaded into your garden by planting nectar and pollen flowers, daisies, angelica, dill and fennel.

Aphid Midges
Immature insects feed on a variety of aphid species. Having them in your garden can indeed be beneficial. You could bring these in by having nectar flowers or herbs like Queen Anne’s Lace, mustard and dill.

Parasitic Wasps
These waspsact as parasites by laying their eggs in aphid and caterpillar larvae. These can be brought into your garden by planting Queen Anne’s Lace, sunflowers, mint, sage, thyme, lavender, coriander and dill.

Honeybees, Bumblebees and Mason Bees
These bees help in pollinating food crops. You can persuade these bees to visit your garden by planting wildflowers, clover, hollyhock, orchard fruits, cress and mustards.

For those who love gardening, this information can indeed be very helpful. Learn more about the herbs you can plant in your garden to make life healthy by speaking with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Take care of your surroundings and take care of your health to live a happy and healthy life.


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