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6 month’s ago my son visited Dr. Suri. He went to see him for me his mother. The modern doctors said I was suffering from insomnia. I am Diabetic, have high blood pressure plus now I have Insomnia. Well Mr Suri assured my son that he could help. My son was worried as I was being prescribed one medicine after another from our regular doctors and he wanted this to stop. So after all my symptoms and traits were told to the Doctor at HPC, they took a week’s to come up with the remedy. They explained that in Chronic conditions that it is very important to do all the research etc. My son asked if we had to pay for this, and the Doctor said, “Oh no”. So after a week I took my remedy. One drop in water. So I asked the doctor where is my medicine for home and he said that is it. I was upset and confused as this can’t be it. They assured me that this is it. So I went home and that night I fell asleep. Well the first 1 month I was sleeping more then usually, about 15 hrs a day. The doctor at the centre explained that I should not be concerned as this is because I haven’t slept at all for 4 month’s without the assistance of a pill and the body is trying to recuperate. Well I trusted the Doctor at the centre as what he said made sense. After 3 month my insomnia was totally gone, my diabetes was controlled, my blood pressure was better with only 1 drop. This is a miracle. One more thing, I lost 30Lb of extra weight. This I was told was how my body reacted to my Constitutional Remedy. Well I hope you have a wonderful visit as I here at the Centre.

Jasvinder Kaur

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