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Iron (Fe)
A mineral needed for all body functions.
The function of iron is oxygen transport and storage, energy production, immune maintenance, heart health.
many of us have heard of an ailment called anemia.
This ailment is a consequence of low hemoglobin content in the blood, the tissues of the body become oxygen starved, leading to symptoms such as listlessness, fatigue, irritability, difficul

ty swallowing, paleness, heart palpitations during exertion, and general lack of well being.
The allowance for iron is most difficult to obtain from dietary sources. The highest risk category is menstruating women.
Some factor that effect iron absorption even if dietary iron intake is sufficient are low stomach acid, calcium phosphate salts, tannic acid in tea, and antacids tend to interfere with absorption. Phytates, a substance found in whole grains, may interfere with iron absorption.

Food Sources
Highest: Meats (especially liver), poultry and fish. Other good sources are eggs, bread and cereals (either whole grain or iron-enriched), leafy vegetables, potatoes, and other vegetables, fruit, and milk.

Animals contain organic iron which is most absorbable (10-30%). Plant iron is inorganic, 2-10% is absorbable in our digestive tract. Large quantities of iron are lost from food that are cooked in water. However, when u cook in a cast-iron cookware, iron from the cookware leaches out into the foods. Vitamin C also enhances the absorbability of iron in non animal foods and prevents it from being converted into unstable form, which may cause oxidative stress and cell damage from free radicals.

Best form of iron supplement are iron glycerinate, iron fumarate, and iron gluconate as they are less irritating to the digestive tract and less likely to cause constipation.

The Toxicity of iron is low. Patients with inflammatory bowl disorders should not take iron supplements unless under professional advice.

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